Reporting for Duty

Posted on Sun Jan 15th, 2023 @ 8:48pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea & Chief Petty Officer William Pitsenbarger

Mission: The End of an Era
Location: Ops Starbase 80

Chief Petty Officer William Pitsenbarger stepped down off the gangplank into Starbase 80. He had spent a long seventy-two on a Federation supply ship from Helaspont Station to Starbase 80, his new assignment from the USS Beowulf. He had been the Chief Medic (Enlisted) and the Independent Medical Corpsman (IDMC) of the small Saber-class ship. Now he was assigned to Starbase 80, which was going to be hosting a big celebration with all kinds of dignitaries. He despised these functions as he would have to wear his dress white uniform and most likely have to wear his medals, the most prominent being his Starfleet Medal of Honor. To this day every time he wore the medal or even thought of it, he felt regret. It brought back the horrible days he spent running the casualty collection point for the Marine Ranger company of the 5th Division, 14 Marines, 1st Battalion on AR-558. The siege of AR-558 was bloody and costly and he lost many good friends in the fighting and still had horrible nightmares about it.

He found a Petty Officer 3rd Class and asked her "Is Master Chief Petty Officer Allison Wilshire in Ops?" The young Petty Officer replied, "Yes Chief." He smiled at her and handed her his PaDD with his orders, she took it and examined it quickly, "Welcome to Starbase 80 Chief, I'll see that your 'kit' and belongings get to your quarters." With that she handed the PaDD back and directed him to the nearest turbolift. William made his way to the turbolift =^= Ops =^= he barked and the turbolift began to move. He planned to see the Command Master Chief first, then Commanding Officer before making his way to medical. He checked his uniform as the turbolift stopped and before the doors opened Well here we go again he thought as he stepped off the turbolift. He looked about for the Master Chief.

Allison looked up from the console readout that she had been studying for over an hour, appreciative of the chance to step away for a moment. She did not recognize the crewman that had entered the room. "Good morning. Is there something that I may help you with?"

Chief Petty Officer William Pitsenbarger looked at the woman who stepped towards him and studied her rank, “Yes Master Chief, I was looking for you actually. I am your newly assigned Chief Petty Officer. Starfleet in their ’most infinite wisdom’ has decided to assign me here as a Medic and Rescue Chief. Figured I should meet with the most senior Chief Petty Officer first before meeting my new ‘Skipper’ and making my way to the Medical Boss.” He said with as much of a warm smile as he could muster. “I like to get the true story from a fellow NCO before passing judgement on my assignment.” With that he handed her his PaDD with his orders, Starfleet record, and miscellaneous awards and decorations.

Allison looked over the Petty Officer's jacket for a moment, essentially confirming what she had read earlier. "Well, everything appears to be in order." She handed the PADD back to William. "I doubt that you will find this a very challenging or busy posting, but hopefully you will have the opportunity to learn a thing or two. Not a lot going on around here since peace broke out. I know our medical and rescue teams help out planetside occasionally, but other than that medical has become a boo-boo clinic.

"William chuckled, "Well, maybe that is Starfleet and Medical Command way of saying I need to take a break, after all I have seen more than my fair share of the 'action'. Like you said, may learn a thing or two and pass on a thing or two. Is Captain O'Shea in her office?"

"Actually..." A voice sounded behind William "...she's right behind you."

Chief Petty Officer Pitsenbarger stood straight and performed a perfect about face, “Chief Petty Officer William Pitsenbarger reporting for duty, Sir.” He stated. He stood at attention and handed Captain O’Shea the PaDD with his transfer orders and his service record.

Kathleen gave Wilshire a smile. "At ease there, Chief. You'll break something jumping too like that." She skimmed the man's jacket briefly before handing it back to William. "Well, you arrived just in time. With all of the guests we are expecting for the big party, every boo-boo clinic on the station will need to be up and running for the duration of the event."

“Sorry Sir comes from having spent time with the Marines. They tend to be sticklers for the formality. I suppose you would be requiring me to attend said ‘Party’ in my formal uniform with all the ‘bells and whistles’ badges?” inquired William

A small laugh. "Oh no, Chief. You will be amongst the working class. Sadly, I won't be joining you. I hate these things."

"I too hate the damn functions. I do have one question, who is the Chief Medical Officer, it was not in my briefing or orders?" asked William.

"That would be Doctor Milnerson." Kathleen replied. "He is Medical Director for the station and all associated facilities. But each division has it's own director as well. For the medics, I honestly am not sure without looking it up." She saw the quizzical look that suddenly appeared. "Trust me...I wish I could tell you every person under my command, but between the Station, the shipyards, the ancillary stations and ships, and the planetary facilities, I have almost 600,000 people under my command. That's a lot to commit to memory."

"Understood Sir, if there is nothing else, I will make my way to medical." William stated.

"You're dismissed, and, welcome to New Frontier." Kathleen replied, watching as the Chief exited the room. "Well, they certainly are getting more interesting." She quipped with a smile to Allyson. "This could be a fun party after all." Her PADD beeped at her just then, indicating her schedule was now behind. "Or not." she said as she looked at the messages.

"Once this is over, you need to take a break. Go someplace nice and quiet." Allyson replied.

"Oh yeah...I see that happening. Gotta run...see you at the meeting this afternoon." Kathleen turned and headed for the exit, knowing that Allyson was right...she did need a break. Maybe after this event she could actually pull off a couple of weeks somewhere where there were no communicators allowed. Yeah, that would be nice.


Captain Kathleen O'Shea
Commanding Officer
Starbase 80

Chief Petty Officer William Pitsenbarger
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Starbase 80

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