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New mission advisor

Posted on Mon Oct 12th, 2020 @ 11:14am by Lieutenant Commander Rosaleen O'Donnell

Mission: The Black Rose of Winter's Embrace


Dylan had just beamed onto Starbase 80 with two bags hanging from his right and left side. Stepping down off the transporter PADD and was greeted by crewmen in a golden uniform. He did the usually greater show offered to take his bags and leave him to his room. Dylan didn't say anything Dylan handed over his bags and just monited to the door as a way of saying "Lead on!"

Some walking later they arrived and entered the crewmen placed the bags on the bed Dylan stood in what the humans called a "living room" weird names for a weird room the crewmen came into the living room and asked "Anything else I can help with sir?" Dylan shook his head and the crewmen smiling left the door but stopped in the doorway. "I think you should check in with the Station Commandershe's probably in her office." Dylan titled his slight as a way of saying thanks. He stood in the living room taking it in for a moment he had just completed an ambition he wanted.

He stepped out of his quarters and headed for the turbolifht just at the end of the corridor entering the lift he said "Captain's Office." He never been on a spacedock class before he spent his time in court on Earth as a lawyer then a judge. How things have changed since then. Stepping off the turbolift he stood lookinglefting and right for the nearest door when he seen it he hoped it was the right one.
Standing outside he rang the chime

Rosaleen heard the chime but paid it no attention until the second time it sounded, and she realized that her assistant was not in office at the moment. Sighing, she left the mess that was her desk at the moment and made her way to the outer office. She was still processing the conversation that she had shared with Andrew earlier that day, and as a result was a bit distracted. Opening the door, she was surprised at first to see the Xindi crewmember standing there. She had only worked with Xindi at the shipyards, and they had been from different sects.

"Yes, may I help you?" She asked politely. It wasn't the crew-members fault that she had been interrupted from her sense in taking it out on them. The air had chilled a bit at first, but Rosaleen quickly brought that under control.

Dylan stood in the corridor when asked what he wanted he replied with clicking noises than a few moments later his personal translator under his combadge kicked. It spoke in a robotic male voice. "Staff Warrant Officer Dylanxotaerinonsor, mission advisor signing in ma'am."

Rosaleen actually blinked as the Warrant Officer gave their name. She ran it through her head a couple of times before finally responding. "So is their any chance you have a shorter version?" She said with a genuine smile. "That's quite the mouthful to try to call you with over the comms. And please, come in." She gestured where to have a seat in the outer office. Hers was still a mess from trying to re-settle herself.

Walking he in clicked again than it quickly kicked in. "Dylan...First 5 letters of my name." Standing behind a chair he clicked again and longer roughly a minute or so his translator said "Nice office Captain?"

"Commander." She corrected him as she sat down. "And this is my assistant's office. Mine is a bit...untidy at the moment. I just returned myself. Spent the last three and a half years at the Utopia Fleet Yards helping to make some new toys."

Dylan nodding listening to her standing behind a chair across the desk. clciking for 3 minutes his translator said for him. "Welcome back to the land of the living." Jokingly "I spent last year working as a Judge for the judge advocate then... 2 years on United Earth on the President's cabinet as Attorney General."

"My father is in the Cabinet." Rosaleen replied. "Deklan O'Donnell, Chair of the Appropriations Committee. I'm betting that you have had some interactions with him. Pretty much anyone with a budget has." She laughed.

"Your father works for the United Fedration Of Planets am I correct? The President of the Fedration Of Planets during my time on the cabinet was former President Kellessar zh'Tarash of the Andorian Empire. I worked for the ruler of Earth. President Albertina Gehrig." His translator spoke with confusion. "Long day?"

Rosaleen sighed. "Long life." She leaned back in the chair, a far away look spreading across her face momentarily. "Anyway...I assume that you located your quarters without any problems?"

Dylan answered. “Indeed. I look forward to being posted here.”

"As am I." Rosaleen smiled finally. "To be honest, I need the help. There is just too much to keep up with these days. Now then..." She handed Dylan a PADD. "This will give you all of the orientation information that you need for the station, including your office location. Actually, you have two in command central just down the hall, and one in the Tactical Information Center's office hub. Your administrative assistant works out of the office up here. We have a couple of key missions that are in the process of going operational, so you will want to catch up on that. I will actually be going out on one of them myself."

Dylan skimmed through the PADD as she went on he looked up at her when she had finished talking as if he was thinking but shortly after he clicked and his personal translator said. "What mission are you going on? I need also have paperwork to fill out." Dylan didn't care about who his receptionist was just he always wanted to know everything.

"I am going to be with the Diplomatic team. Arranging some mining rights between the Cardassians and the Bentokins." Rosaleen did not add how stressful it was actually going to be, given Andrew's feelings towards the Cardassians. "I'm not quite sure how long we will be gone. It really depends on just how far apart the two sides are."

Dylan stood up and walked towards the door listening as she talked when the human finished he clicked then his translator said. "Then know this... I was be monitoring the situation and this being a mission I have the power for Emergency removal of a member of the team... If anyone makes a slip up they are coming back here and being replaced by someone..." Dylan stopped at the end trying to figure a word that Humans would understand as a failure but couldn't. "Anything else Commander?" He continued.

"No, for now I think we are up to speed. You will definitely have some studying to do, and you will want to schedule meetings with the CO and XO. Just at your convenience withing the next few days before it gets busy." Rosaleen rose and waited to head back to her office until Dylan excused himself. "And, welcome aboard. It's sure to be an adventure."

Dylan didn't respond to her comment the time she had finished the Xindi had one foot out of her office ready to leave. "I..." Dylan's translator said but he stopped himself and stepped out of the office.

Lt Commander Rosaleen O'Shea
Chief of Staff
Starbase 80


Staff Warrant Officer Dylanxotaerinonsor (Dylan)
Mission Advisor
Starbase 80


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