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Monotany's Break

Posted on Tue Oct 27th, 2020 @ 4:35pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea & Commander Jey Cleh & Commander Eliana Masters & Commander Andrew Matheson & Lieutenant Commander Keith Anderson & Lieutenant Vilgi Morr & Lieutenant Ithi Deritan & Lieutenant Albino "Viper" Jackson & Master Chief Petty Officer Allison Wilshire

Mission: The Black Rose of Winter's Embrace
Location: Conference Room 138 Delta

Turning off the longish corridor on the conference area, into the room that had been designated for this particular meeting. He was early, that much he knew, this was not out of habit, need, or thing like that, mearly his tasks were finished and he saw no reason to delay needlessly. Strolling into an empty room, Vilgi Morr, took the opportunity to select a seat, left side three down from the head and strolled to make use of the replicator. Ordering a steaming cup of black coffee, with a little bergamot, for flavour.

Alie found her way, after a small detour to check on 'Cobra 1', to the conference room where the briefing was to take place. Like most Starbase's, it was a standard conference room, one long table and seats spaced evenly, a replicator that she walked up to, "Earl grey hot," and once it appeared, she took it and sat in one of the seats. She had brought her PADD that listed her fighter compliment, and her pilots.

Allison walked in right behind the CAG, whom she did not recognize...but what was new. It seemed like the stations personal department had a revolving door at the entrance at times. She grabbed a cup of ice water and moved to take her seat as well.

"Vilgi! Allison! Oh my stars I could die right now and be perfectly content!" The doors leading into one of the station's numerous conference rooms was getting a thorough workout as several senior officers and enlisted personnel filtered in. Having returned only recently from a long detachment away from base, Commander Eliana Masters was all too happy to have an excuse to see her friends and colleagues again. No matter how many years went by, reunions remained a source of immeasurable joy for her; happy reunions were a bonus, a cherry on top of the cake of life.

"Well, since everyone else is doing it, I'd better blend in, eh?" Ellie posed the rhetorical question as a glass of ice water appeared in the replicator. "I've got a fifty credit wager that the next person that walks through that door has red hair. Any takers?"

"I'll take you on that, Commander, still at least couple of varied shades left in the mix." Vigil responded with a smile, mug halfway back down, seizing on the friendly wager. Particularly as it came from a firm friend, more than glad to see Elaina back from detached duties, safely. Meetings meant a change and changes were easier with familiar company.

Being near the end of her over night shift, Lizzy walked into the conference room with that 'ready for bed' look in her eyes, as she quietly took a seat at the conference table. She had another hour on duty, and then she fully planned to get some much needed sleep.

Arianna D'Tal was not far behind. She walked in carrying a Padd, and seemed no worse for wear, after spending a good portion of the day before catching up on Andrew's schedule. She quietly took a seat next to him, waiting for the meeting to start.

Kathleen entered the conference room, Rosaleen just behind her. They both moved to the head of the table, with Rosaleen taking the reserved seat just to the right of Kathleen. The XO was seated to the left. It looked like everyone was here...

"Good morning." Kathleen started with. "First of all, I would like to say how pleased I am to see so many familiar faces in here. I have missed all of you dearly." She stole a glance at Rosaleen, who seemed to be distracted. No surprise there. "I also see some new faces among you, and I want to bid you welcome to our home. I will make time to meet with each of you as soon as I can, but...we seem to finally have a task to perform. One that Command has placed the highest priority on." Light laughter crept across the room from the seasoned crew. It was kind of an inside joke that everything they were tasked to do had the highest priority placed on it by someone in command.

Kathleen nodded at Rosaleen, who activated the main viewer in the room, and three holo image displays on the conference table. "This is Serion IV. As you will note, it's pretty much devoid of anything. This moon, however..." The display and the hole-projections zoomed in on one of the smaller moons. "This is our target."

Ithi leaned back in her chair, watching, listening, learning, the crew seemed to know each other fairly well, like they were old time friends and family, and been here for ages. but that's typical with star base postings isn't it, when the display activated she glanced towards it, her thoughts and worries at least temporarily gone as she looks at the moon. though nagging in the back of her mind still was... how long till they bitched about her not being in uniform.

Andrew had settled in at his appointed spot about fifteen minutes before the meeting time, his nose buried in a PADD and a large mug of tea sitting next to him. He was keeping track of people's comings and goings by the psychic leakages most everyone who wasn't psi-null or actively shielding gave off. He looked up as the captain entered the room and slowly blinked as he saw a second red-headed figure following in. His eyes slid somewhat smoothly back down to his PADD as he promptly went through a few centering mantras to make sure his telepathic shields were in place. Not that they really mattered against the person who prompted them, but he didn't see the need to agitate anyone else with energetic stray thoughts. As the captain started speaking, he put down the PADD and paid professional courtesy to the speakers.

When the meeting began Vilgi leaned back slightly on the chair, but still giving O'Shea attention, he was one of those who recognized the top priority remark, allowing himself a small chuckle and a comment. "If there were a slip of latinum eh boss." Attentive to the activated display, he noted the barren nature of the planet, first noting it's easy landing spots, along with the wild weather potential. "Some folks overdue, or just crashed boss?"

Alie noticed simple spots where you could land, yet with the wild weather patterns, any landing could be potentially dangerous. "One could easily land in the wrong spot or possibly be hit with hard turbulence upon landing. Requires some skill in piloting that mess."

"What's the matter with that moon?" Masters raised an eyebrow from the other end of the table. A few glances in her direction clued her in on the fact that perhaps a little more explaining was in order. "Well, I mean, it's not really big enough to have enough gravity to keeps its own atmosphere, is it? That implies somebody terraformed it, and that means either someone goofed up the atmospheric settings or something broke. Which is it?"

Ithi looks over the moon a bit more and cocks her head listening to the questions "something like that, out of the way system, I'm suspecting smugglers"

Alie looked at Lt. Ithi, "Smugglers? Flying in that type of turbulence? It's possible but why smugglers?"

Ithi smiles looking at Alie " Can you think of somewhere better? Partially terraformed, in a system uninhabited from what I can see, nothing really of value to draw a starfleet presence, and smugglers love flying in crap cause most starfleet pilots are too worried about damaging their gear and getting chewed out."

Alie laughed, "Why do you think I got the all sign Viper? And why do you think my fighter is named Cobra? I'm the only pilot that would fly into that chap and not get chewed out. It's all in how you fly in it and with what type shield variance," she finished saying.

She laughs " I'm too new onboard to even know such, haven't even seen my office yet, but with a callsign like that I can see you flying into that soup"

"Definitely can, it wouldn't be the first time I've done so," Alie said laughing. I Still have yet to find my office let alone my quarters. My gear is in my fighter, for what's it worth," she added, turning her attention back to the discussion. "Get together later?"

Ithi nods, as she goes back to paying attention to the discussion "Defiantly"

Kathleen glanced at Ithi and Alie for a quick moment, but seeing the side conversation ending, chose not to comment with more than a slight smile and continue. "The information passed on to me is that there is a high level Intel operative on that moon that has gone dark. The moon itself contains a casino, black market bazaar, and a mining colony. These are all under control of the Orion Syndicate. Now for the fun part." She was silent for a moment before continuing, obviously conflicted. "We have no data on the operative. Who it is, what they look like, race, sex...nothing. And no, I am not the least bit happy about that either, but...ours is to deliver, not bitch and whine, so we go in with what we have."

Kathleen nodded at Rosaleen who changed the image on the main screen. An old freighter came onto the screen with some small data details. "This is SS Winterhawk, an old Antaras Class freighter. Basic shields, a couple of old phaser cannons...a real piece of crap. But it is one of the smugglers choices of transport, and we just happen to still have this one down in the lower docks. She was actually impounded from a small Ferengi smuggling group last year. She is at least know in this sector to have been owned by a few privateers, so a new crew showing up in her won't be suspicious. The plan we have put together is simple."

She glanced at Rosaleen again, who turned off all displays and holograms. "Ithi, you are going to go in as owner of this craft. I'm sending Eliana, Vilgi, and Arianna with you...sorry Andrew, you have to give her up for a small time. We will figure out some cargo for you to take in to trade, and provide you with gambling funds so your stay won't be short. Somehow, you guys get to figure out who this person is, where they are, and how to get them out." Kathleen smiled. "It shouldn't be that difficult." A smattering of laughter moved across the room. "There will be a second team in the area in one of the Ronins with a couple of Marine squads and a fighter contingent to back you guys up. If your cover gets blown, or the shit hits the fan in any way, call for help and bail out. I don't care who this operative is. Our people come first."

Ithi blinks, surprised that anyone knew her name, but smiles and looks at Kathleen " No intel on who the agent, is, no idea male or female, not even a hint, sounds like a typical retrieval mission, , I have a cover from a few missions that the syndicate knows and has been vetted by them so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. "

She thinks for a moment "How much time do I have to make covers for the rest of those coming with me? "

Arianna raised an eyebrow at the mention of her name. "Curious..." She said, looking at Kathleen. "Why send me, Captain?"

"Because you're qualified for the task..." Lizzy chimed in to answer Arianna's question. "I checked the files Starfleet sent along with your orders. I agree with the Captain's decision to send you along."

It was the presence of the black market that quickly captured the attention of Vilgi, and clued him into to his inclusion in the mission. "If we're traiding, I'd like to have a chat with CoE, depending what their reverse engineer priorities are, come up with a shopping list?" He suggested towards O'Shea, seeking her approval before going ahead, the prospect of an open market prompted him to add. "I have a few things in mind myself."

Andrew looked over at Arianna, didn't see her objecting to the assignment that he hadn't seen coming, and nodded his assent. "Keep safe, Arianna. I'll muddle through until you get back." His face and voice were outwardly perfectly calm; his emotions betrayed a hint of annoyance at not having been asked beforehand. As much as the captain was responsible for everyone on the starbase, he was still responsible for his people.

Kathleen looked at Andrew. "I have a tasking for you as well that is not related to this one, but I will discuss that with you later on today."

"Not to worry, we'll keep them safe and get everyone home alive. Believe me when I say that," Alie said, stating the obvious. She was going on this mission, and didn't need to be told either. "Captain, my people will be ready," Alie added.

"I'm glad to hear that, Lieutenant." Kathleen responded. "You are going to be performing three tasks for two independent missions. I'll fill you in later as well, but..." A sly smile spread across Kathleen's face. "...I do hope you are familiar with flight operations on an Akira Class ship."

Andrew filed the Akira-class comment away with a note to check into the station manifest later. "Aye, Captain. Looking forward to it." On one hand, it would probably be something different, and he had been bored lately with his highly organized and repetitive schedule. On the other hand, it was highly organized and repetitive because of its sheer volume, and "another tasking" was almost certainly going to have to come out of his sleep schedule - and that part of the schedule was already only barely sufficient.

As her question went unanswered Ithi pulls out her padd and takes facial pictures of the 3 going with her before starting to type, listening still the the briefing mainly for key words that would involve her team as she goes to work, creating cover identities for the three.

Returning the sly smile to the captain, "Akira's are second nature to me. Flew both fighters and the starship more times than I can count," Alie said eyeing the captain.

"Timing is going to be crucial folks" Kathleen continued. "If we slip up at all on this, the entire Orion Syndicate and their allies will sweep down on that moon. If that happens, I'll have no choice but to order a full response to protect our assets. That will significantly reduce the odds of a positive outcome. Alie, you are going to be responsible for shuttling that rock off from the rest of the known universe for the duration. Alright..." She indicated for Rosaleen to shut down the imagery. "...questions?"

Ithi thinks for a moment at Kathleen's response " I would recommend against that Ma'am"

Though she was otherwise quiet, and showed very little outward expression, Arianna was somewhat stunned. As often as Intel was turned down by her, and her father, she was surprised that Kathleen was sending her on such a mission. "This was the last thing I was expecting." She said quietly, as she leaned in closer to Andrew. "I came here to help you, not go undercover."

"Problem Ensign?" Lizzy chimed up again.

"No sir.." Arianna replied quickly, then decided better of it, looking between Kathleen, and Jey. "Actually yes... With all due respect, I'm fresh out of the academy, and hardly feel qualified for undercover work."

Andrew looked over at Kathleen before looking back to Arianna. "Getting information on the Orion Syndicate is helping me more than I would admit to, given that my own network out here isn't getting me anything particularly useful." With a knowing smirk at Masters, he continued, "And if corrupting an ensign fresh from the Academy is required for the mission to succeed, the commander is probably the best choice this side of Cardassia for the job." Now he looked seriously at Masters. "Bring her back safe, ma'am."

"We'll be back before you know it, Commander," Masters nodded at her long time colleague.

Kathleen waved her hands in the air. "C'mon folks, one at a time." She turned to look at Ithi. "So what is it you were trying to say?"

Ithi sighs, now she was heard finally. " I was saying if this goes tit's up, a full response will not be the best possible solution ma'am... Coming in with the cavalry unless it is a slip up while we are already on the way home would be a mistake... it would be better" she sighed again knowing this most likely would not make any friends. " To leave us for a period of time, the Orions unless we royally fuck up will most likely ransom us, or worst case enslave us, which may help us as well"

Kathleen held herself in check. After all, Ithi was new on base. "That's not how we do things here. I don't leave people hanging without the full support they need to return safely." Kathleen could still remember the trip when Rosaleen had died. "I won't risk my people. We will hold back, but if the shit hits the fan I'm sending the cavalry in. That's not up for discussion."

Ithi just nods, she wouldn't voice it but that was stupid, to many people had panicked when it was not a serious shit hitting the fan in her experience for her to agree fully. usually people with no infiltration training, or commanders who cared too much for their people. too many ops failed because if they had just sat tight things would have worked out but she says softly "Yes Ma'am"

Ithi also shoots a file to arianna's padd

Arianna glanced back at her padd, noting the new ID info sent by Ithi. "Guess that settles that." She said simply. "I'll start preparing as soon as the meeting is over."

"Alright." Kathleen looked around the table. "Any other questions?"

I have no questions Captain " Keith said .

Andrew looked over at Arianna one more time before going back to his PADD. "Not about this, ma'am, and the others will keep."

Ithi shoots files to Eliana and Vilgi as well "None from me"

"Alright then." Kathleen picked up a PADD from the table as she prepared to end the meeting. "Everybody figure out what you need and let Rosaleen know so we can procure everything in a timely manner. Other than that...dismissed."


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