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Intel in the morning

Posted on Sat Sep 19th, 2020 @ 4:32pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea & Commander Jey Cleh

Mission: The Black Rose of Winter's Embrace
Location: Captain's Personal Quarters
Timeline: 0400 Hours


Kathleen found herself once again enjoying the same wonderful dream that had visited her as of late, a dream in which her only job was to lie back and enjoy all of the trapping of power that a queen could enjoy. She had earned her crown, and her loyal subjects adored her, even if they made the oddest sounds at the most inopportune moments. In fact, one of them was approaching her at that very moment, his mouth moving as if to speak, but he seemed to only be able to make an annoying chirp. And it was getting louder...

The noise was that of the terminal on her desk. Not only was it beeping endlessly, but it had a symbol that hadn't graced it's screen in quite a long time... that of the Starfleet Intelligence headquarters. Kathleen threw on a robe and walked over to the desk.


From: Starfleet Command - Intelligence Division
To: Captain O'Shea, Kathleen
Clearance: Eyes only

WARNING: Authorization required to continue...

Kathleen only had one thought in her head...why couldn't this have waited a couple of hours? She really wished that Headquarters would figure out that their time rotation was completely different from Earths. She sat down and went through the biometrics to accept the communique.

After a moment, the terminal screen changed to show a Human woman, wearing the colors of Intel, and the rank insignia of an Admiral. Her long black hair flowed gracefully down around her shoulders, hinting at upward curls near the ends. Her Asian beauty, barely touched by her advancing years was riddled with concern.

"Sorry for waking you, Captain." The woman said as a start. "My name is Admiral Hinriko, and I urgently need a few moments of your time."

Kathleen smiled just a hint. "No offense, but every time I receive anything from your office it is always urgent, and the few moments usually turns into weeks worth of work for everyone at the other end of that communique. So, what's wrong in the world today?"

"There's an operation going on behind closed doors on the smallest moon of Serion IV, that we've been trying to get eyes on." Hinriko explained. As was par for the course with Intel, the finer details were always being left out. "We finally managed to get an operative on the inside, but we lost contact with them three days ago."

Kathleen sighed. "There are a lot of operations going on out here behind closed doors. If you are needing an Intel tasking, why couldn't that just go through departmental channels?" Fact finding ops missions were a fairly common part of their daily operations at 80.

"Because it's a time sensitive issue, and normal channels would take too long." Hinriko said without hesitation. "The operative is the only one who has been able to get any information on the inside, but his loss of contact is a critical concern, and means we could already be too late."

Kathleen sighed. 'It's always time sensitive. "So I guess this takes priority over the Klingon issue. What may we help you with, Admiral?" The Klingons had been at war with the Gorn/Nausicaan consortium, and it wasn't going well for them. And the problem had driven a wedge between Kilngon/Federation relations.

"The Klingons can wait a few more days." The Admiral said casually. "I want you to take an elite team to that moon, and recover our operative. I'm also granting you the authority to shut down whatever illegal operation you find there by any means necessary."

Kathleen looked at the data Hinriko had sent. "This is it? This tells me nothing. Your operative could be one of any of the beings on that moon..." She looked closer at some of the details. "...ant there is a casino and market in operation as well? How are we supposed to infiltrate that stealthily?" Kathleen already had several ideas, but she was tired, so therefor cranky.

"They didn't tell me the identity of the operative, so unfortunately, I can't give you any more information." The Admiral reminded her. "Someone in your Intelligence department could also probably help you with determining the more intricate details of the operation."

And there it was. Once again, Kathleen was being given a mission with little to no information, and being told to 'Just figure it out.'. Kathleen sighed, her breath visible as her temperature chilled. Nothing to be done about it...

"Alright, Admiral. I'll see..." She saw the look Hinriko started to give her. "Sorry, I'll let you know when we have completed the task. I am assuming we can be as creative as we wish?"

"You have my authorization to do what you feel is necessary." Hinriko told her without hesitation. "Good luck, Captain. Hinriko out." and with that, the face of Admiral Hinriko was replaced by that of a spinning UFP symbol.

Kathleen switched off the viewscreen and leaned back, already feeling the futility of the orders given to her. But, orders were orders, so they had to at least try. Looking at the Chrono, she decided on a couple more hours of sleep before waking Rosaleen up to get things organized. But as she laid back down and settled in to her bed once again, she would find that sleep would elude her.

Admiral Hinriko
Starfleet Intelligence

played by

Commander Jey Cleh
Executive Officer
Starbase 80


Captain Kathleen O'Shea
Commanding Officer
Starbase 80


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