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Returning to Normal: Part 1

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 5:26pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea & Lieutenant Commander Rosaleen O'Donnell & Commander Jey Cleh & Commander Eliana Masters & Commander Andrew Matheson & Lieutenant Commander Keith Anderson & Lieutenant Vilgi Morr & Lieutenant Ithi Deritan & Lieutenant Albino "Viper" Jackson & Master Chief Petty Officer Allison Wilshire & Lieutenant Commander Ewo'tOst Menkova

Mission: The Black Rose of Winter's Embrace
Location: Starbase 80

The Frontier...

Never had it seemed so far from the civilized part of the galaxy as it did now. Three conflicts later, it was one of the regions that had fared the best, although this was mainly due to the remoteness of the sector. To put it bluntly, nobody really cared about the region. For all of the planing and preparation that had gone into Starbase 80 and the military infrastructure and logistics supporting it, when the wars came, nobody came out to play. Just a few small incursions that were easily quelled with minimal forces. Now, as the rest of the Federation and other regimes worked to stand down and rebuild, the Starbase 80 crew found themselves in the unique position of having nothing to do. No orders. No mission taskings. Nothing.

In other words....they were bored.

Compared to the normal level of activity buzzing around the superstructure of the station, traffic was noticeably lighter. A Sydney class transport lumbered by the observation window in the traffic control center at the heart of flight operations, en route to the surface to deliver supplies. As the crew from Brelles Transport Services maneuvered into one of the predefined atmospheric reentry routes, the blip representing the civilian vessel appeared on the central display, adding a green symbol to the smattering of other vessels current being tracked by the starbase. A few moments later, another transport lazily drifted into view, partially blocking the backdrop of Stratkas IV looming in the distance.

"Hey there Eighty, guess who?"

Though the transmission was intelligible, the amount of interference and static in the message piqued the ears of anyone within earshot. It was the unmistakable sound of someone very, very far away.

"Oh, come on, you don't even want to guess?" This time, the transmission was clearer, implying that the source was moving closer. "Don't make me start singing! I will start singing!"

"Oh," a textbook look of realization began to register on the face of the approach controller. "Commander Masters, welcome back, we weren't expecting you quite this early. Plan for shuttlebay forty-one, report see me at ten, and we'll get you right in. It's quiet today."

"Howdy." Those who knew the station's Director of Flight Operations, knew that she was smiling from behind the controls as she turned towards home. "Be there shortly, patch me through to somebody upstairs. It's good to hear a friendly voice."

The Director of Combat Operations Lieutenant Commander Keith Anderson was on the bridge talking to his staff.

*Starbase 80 - OPS*

~Another quiet day, another broken tricorder.~ Lizzy thought to herself, as she sat putting back yet another one. It was the 4th one this month, and she was starting to wonder how they kept breaking, when they were hardly even being used.

"Sir, there's a transmission coming in from Commander Masters." the COMM officer spoke up.

"Put it through." After only a moment, the young officer nodded to Lizzy as the channel opened. "You're home early, Commander. We weren't expecting you back, until tomorrow."

"Commander! Yeah, home early. Hope you all didn't miss me too much. We got ahead of schedule with our project of implementing a similar department to our own FLOPS over there. Gotta give them credit, once they understood the concept, they took off with it, pun intended. It's good to be home though, be there in two shakes."

"There's plenty to do, Commander." Lizzy said jokingly, the humor clear in her voice. "We can hardly keep up with all the transports coming, and going, without you here."

"We're doing our best out here, but this thing just sort of just sneezes and laughs at you when you try and prod it towards the redline," the rolling of the El Aurian's eyes was practically audible, "but we'll be seeing you soon. I'll stay on frequency in case anything changes, who knows who else is floating around out here."

*NCC-90721-A: USS Yoshitsune*

Sitting in the chair immediately to the left of the Captain's, Rosaleen stared at the viewscreen as if she could see light years away. It had been two years since her departure from Starbase 80, and although she had kept somewhat in contact with Kathleen, the others...well, if she was being honest one person in particular...she had sadly fallen out of touch with. At first she and Andrew had communicated regularly, but then as the conflicts ramped up, her work at San Francisco's Fleetyard Design Bureau had pulled her further and further away. Her work had consumed her, but out if it had come several new models that ultimately helped make a difference in the wars outcomes. In fact, the vessel she was returning to Starbase 80 on was one of those accomplishments, having received a complete redesign and numerous modifications from the original design.

The Yoshitsune was one of the pair of newly redesigned and upgraded Ronin Class vessels that she had personally worked hands on with that were being relocated to Starbase 80 as garrison craft. Affectionately referred to as the 'baby Sovereign', she did indeed have quite a bit in common with that class, including a saucer section that was essentially a redesigned Sovereign one. But she was much more maneuverable, with the turning radius of an Akira Class ship. And she borrowed a design element from yet another class, that being a swap-able POD with similar functions as the Nebula Class. A brilliant design in the end, and she had made her designers proud.

"Ma'am." The Operations officer on duty had approached her. "We picked up a communication from that transport to Frontier Station. I thought you might be interested." Rosaleen took the PADD and smiled. "May I borrow you comms station, Lieutenant?"

*Sydney Class Transport Belltrexser*

"Transport Belltrexser...I can't speak for the dockmaster, but personally I'd love to hear a tune."

Commander Masters had been sitting at the conn with her feet kicked up, much to the chagrin of the freighter's captain, but the sound of another familiar voice cause her to sit upright. She tapped a few commands into the controls and watched as the video feed popped up onto an auxiliary display, confirming her suspicions on who the voice might have belonged to.

"Rosaleen! Well, I'll be. Somebody on station must have been wishing for a little excitement or something for both of us to be returning on the same day. Fortuitous timing, my friend," Masters' eyes lit up and her smile widened, a feat that would have been considered impossible a few seconds ago. "The heck is that thing you're flying? I see a lot of familiar lines, but they've never been arranged in this particular order. Did they let you loose in the parts bin again?"

A Smile on the other end. "I can't take credit for the original design. They stayed on the front lines during the war. But we tweaked her quite a bit. And the POD has the same capabilities as the Discovery's did. But...I made a few new toys over the last couple of years."

"Well, try not to let me beat you back to base by too much, okay? And promise that you'll catch me up on things from the last six months over drinks. Race you to the lounge, Masters out."

[SB80 Ithi's arrival]

Ithi arrives on a runabout, most of it's cargo space dedicated to her personal gear and toys as she sighs softly thinking about what she had to have done to be posted to the ass end of nowhere.. she requests docking permission and then heads to find her new quarters, baggage hovering along behind her like a freight train as she moves down the corridors and puts her gear in her new quarters that the padd said she was in.

[Starbase 80 Approach]

Alie was lazily flying towards her destination, not paying much attention to the space around her. Out of no where her proximity alarm went off just as a small corvet escort whizzed past her like a bullet. "! What the hell?" she hollered, pushing Cobra into warp 3, and lit out after the ship. She was going to chew the helmsman out, and have his pilots license pulled! There was only one problem with that, the Starbase was dead ahead and coming up fast. Traffic was zipping around like flies on jam, weaving in and out, entering and leaving the docking ring. She literally had to do some fancy flying to avoid the traffic!

Starbase 80, Viper incoming in Cobra 1, open hanger doors. Where do I park Cobra 1? Viper out

[Starbase 80 Flight Ops]

"Flight Ops, Cobra 1. Cleared in final to Fighter Bay 6C." The controller sent a small data stream to the fighters nav com to guide it to the proper bay. "Pattern should be clear, just watch out for strays."

[Starbase 80 - Diplomacy Section]

Commander Andrew Matheson was carrying on with what had lately been a normal and incredibly boring routine.

An endless cycle of morning diplomatic briefs that could be summarized as "same as last month, but with this month's date on it".

A far less frequent cycle of senior starbase staff consultations when anything in the diplomatic briefs either required another department to get involved or required permission from on high to get unclustered.

Continuing education and certification courses in both the diplomatic corps and the command track (as he was one of the rare non-civilians in the Corps owing to circumstances around the Cardassian conflict).

Mentoring sessions with staff to bring up the general level of expertise in the department.

A couple hours a week on the firing range keeping his skills up, and a couple hours a week piloting one of the diplomatic shuttles for the same reasons.

A couple trips a month out to field diplomatic posts as needed to provide on-site support and morale reinforcement.

And at least 15 minutes a morning tinkering with replicator formulas for tea, since while having a local source for it was great, being able to replicate something drinkable in case of emergency was essential.

[Ceburus Module Bay #14]

"Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, and thirty." Vilgi Morr counted out loud as he strolled along one of the expansive storage bays of the modules for ceburus system. Today was inventory day and generally involved this sort of thing, data padd in one hand displaying the listing, the other pointing at the modules themselves, looking for the markings and checking them off. Turning to the crewman he had been paired with, he expanded on his remarks. "Thirty habitation modules, item codes checked and correct, now comes the slight more involved bit."

The crewman narrowed his eyes, as if trying to recall the next step, but also quite possibly wishing it away. "Visual inspections of the ready status modules."

A slow and deliberate nod came from the Bolian, "Got it in one, at least a quarter of these need to be setup ready for rapid deployment." He knew however it had been sometime since that particular clause had seen use, granted there had been ongoing operations and the base had been relatively active, But still they seemed to have missed most of the excitement.

[Starbase 80 - OPS]

With the Tricorder fixed, lizzy set it down on the table next to her, then tapped on her console to bring up the morning's reports. As had been the way for quite a while, they were full of the usual comings, and goings of transports, and various merchants.

"Sir, a small craft just appeared on sensors." Lizzy looked up at the mention of a craft. "It's transponder identifies as the USS Davies."

"That's Arianna's runabout." Lizzy said, seeming confused. Arianna had gone to spend the last half of her Academy training on Earth, but she'd only been gone a year. "Hail them."

After a moment, the main screen came to life to show Arianna D'Tal, sporting a diplomatic uniform, with Ensign pips on the collar.

"You're supposed to be in school young lady." Lizzy said, feigning seriousness. "Did they let you out on good behavior?"

"They graduated me early, Commander." Arianna replied with a raised eyebrow, and a slight smirk. "Apparently I'm too smart for my own good."

"Contact the dock master, and find a place to park." Lizzy told her, still seeming all business. "I'll let the Captain, and Mr. Matheson know you're here."

"Yes, Ma'am." Arianna replied simply. "I'll see you in a few minutes."

"One more thing." Lizzy said, looking up at the view screen with a smile. "I'm proud of you, kiddo."

"Thanks." Arianna smiled more broadly now, practically beaming with pride that was well deserved. "Davies out."

Lizzy closed the channel, then sent a quick message to Kathleen, and Matheson about Arianna's arrival.

Wilshire looked up from the display she had been fighting with for the past hour and smiled at Jeh. "I told you she would work out just fine. And you were so worried when she left."

Captain Kathleen O'Shea
Commanding Officer
Starbase 80

Commander Jey Cleh
Executive Officer
Starbase 80

Ensign Arianna D'Tal
CDO's Personal Assistant
Starbase 80

Lieutenant Vilgi Morr
Chief Logistics Officer
Starbase 80

MCPO Allison Wilshire
Command Master Chief
Starbase 80

Commander Andrew Matheson
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Starbase 80

Lieutenant Ithi Deritan
Intel Monkey
Starbase 80

Commander Eliana Masters
Second Officer
Starbase 80

Lt. Cmdr. Albino "Viper" Jackson
Starbase 80


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