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Posted on Fri Oct 14th, 2016 @ 10:27pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea & Commander Jey Cleh & Commander Andrew Matheson

Mission: And Then There Were Two... (Primary)
Location: Fenera
Timeline: Right after "Opening Moves"

*The Fenera System - Space*

Since the arrival of Kathleen's diplomatic group, the system had been quiet... but that changed as a flash of bright light appeared briefly, spitting out a small, damaged vessel on a collision course for Fenera II.

*Unidentified Vessel*

Smoke was pouring into the cabin from damaged conduits as the vessel shook constantly. The pilot, a solitary male, expertly worked the controls.

"Computer, damage report."

"Long range sensors, communications, warp engines, impulse engines, inertial dampeners, and life support have failed." Came the monotonous reply. "Warp drive plasma is being vented." After a short moment, an alarm sounded. "Danger! Life support system failure. Oxygen depletion in 10 minutes."

Looking through the viewer, he could see he was on a collision course for the planet. "Computer, prepare for emergency atmospheric entry."

At this request, the computer gave another alarm. "Warning! Main engines are offline. Atmospheric entry is not recommended."

"Understood." He replied absently as he engaged the vessel's control thrusters in hopes of softening the crash he knew was coming. "This won't be pretty..."

*Fenera II - Fenera Sensor Control - Less than a kilometer from Kathleen's diplomatic conference*

With the exception of the earlier arrival of Commodore O'Shea's vessel, all had been quiet through the day. The man on orbital sensors was enjoying his first cup of coffee of the day, when he noticed something strange.

"Uhh... Sir?" Jantos said. "We have incoming."

"What kind of incoming?" The woman in charge asked, walking over to his station.

"It's a small craft, not much bigger than a shuttle, but it looks like it's out of control." Jantos replied. "Oh crap... it's heading straight for the diplomacy center!"

"Sound the alert, and evacuate the area!"

*Feneran Diplomatic Center - Moments later*

As Kathleen's group continued working on the details of what would be a mutual partnership, the entire building was bathed in bright red lights.

"What in the world!?" Mariette said, standing up from the table.

"Explosion danger!" Came the male computer's voice. "Evacuate the area immediately! This is not a drill! Please proceed in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit. Recommended safe distance is 200 yards."

"Everybody out!" Mariette yelled out, as she quickly moved to usher people out of the building.

Kathleen did not think...she reacted, grabbing the person seated on either side of her and quite literally dragging them to the emergency exit. Why couldn't at least one day go right...

As everyone was ushered to a safe area outside the Diplomacy Center, a loud boom could be heard in the atmosphere, followed by what appeared to be a fireball heading for the building. While this fireball looked like any other to the untrained eye, those in Kathleen's group who knew enough about vessels could easily see this was a vessel that was venting plasma from the port nacelle.

Andrew heard the alarm and called up an external view from the secured terminal he was using. The view he got prompted some rather dark Cardassian oaths. As he secured his terminal, he reached out telepathically and confirmed he was in fact the last idiot in this part of the building before grabbing his diplomatic pouch and sprinting for the nearest exit that didn't have him coming out on the same side of the building as that fireball.

As they watched the small vessel continued to rapidly get larger. As it neared the surface, the pilot tried to level the descent, causing the shuttle to skip across the surface of the water, like a pebble, before bouncing up onto the street, and slamming into the side of the Diplomacy Center.

Mariette brought a hand up to touch the COMM unit in her ear. "Security, and medical to the Diplomacy Center immediately." She said quickly. "I want boots on the ground, and eyes on the crash site right away!"

"Acknowledged." Came the one-word reply.

Mariette moved over to where Kathleen's group were watching. "You said you still to help us." She reminded Kathleen. "If you don't mind, I think this might be a good place to start."

Kathleen had already dispatched one of her security team members to assist, as he was cross-trained as a field medic as well. "I see that your emergency services are already responding well. If there are any survivors, once they are stabilized I will come by to speak with them. In the meantime..." Something about the craft struck a chord within her. Just a touch of a feeling of familiarity that she could not solidify into something more substantial. "...once the scene is secure, I will have one of my people go through it for any pertinent data."

"Your assistance will be much appreciated." Mariette gave the woman a disarming smile as they watched the emergency response teams arrive at the crash site. It was easy to see several armed individuals converge on the small vessel with weapons drawn.

After a few more moments, Mariette seemed like she was listening to something, before she touched her ear COMM again. "Understood." She turned back to Kathleen, her expression becoming more serious. "There was only one survivor. He's apparently in a coma."

Kathleen took one last look at the scene on the street. "Well, it appears that things are well in hand here. I doubt there is any further risk of explosion or fire, so...shall we return to our conversation?"

"Certainly, Commodore." Mariette replied. She gestured for he group, and two of her staff to follow as they made their way towards the now damaged Diplomacy Center.

Andrew came loping around the corner and looked around for the staging area. He noticed a group of Starfleet folks walking towards the building and jogged in their direction, falling in at the rear of the group.

As they got closer, Kathleen's COMM Badge chirped.

=A= "Carter to O'Shea. The ship looks a bit like a Danube runabout, but it's not like one I've ever seen before. All I found was a Starfleet Medical kit that has some rather unusual items inside... definitely not Starfleet issue stuff." =A=

She activated the comm from her end. "Very well, just catalog everything and store it for the forensics team. You know how they like it all nice and tidy."

=A= "The pilot is also awake, and asking for you by name, Commodore." =A=

That was certainly a scenario option that she had not even remotely considered. "Ahhh...any indication as to why?"

=A= "No, Commodore. He's refusing to talk to anyone but you. I also ran a DNA check, but his DNA isn't on file. It's like this guy doesn't even exist." =A=

"Ill be there in a few minutes. O'Shea out." She turned back to face Mariette. "Perhaps we should delay this a bit. That will give you time to get things back in order, and me time to figure out just who this character is."

"I'm trusting you to handle this." Mariette replied with a serene smile. "I'm also giving you full authority in this matter. My staff are available to assist you in whatever way they can." With that, she walked off to coordinate efforts for the clean up.


Captain Jeh Cleh (NPC Carter)
Executive Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase 80

Commander Andrew Matheson
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Starbase 80

Commodore Kathleen O'Shea
Commanding Officer
Starbase 80


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