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A Line in the Sand

Posted on Sat Sep 5th, 2020 @ 5:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Rosaleen O'Donnell & Commander Eliana Masters & Commander Andrew Matheson & Lieutenant Carl Baumann & Lieutenant Commander Ewo'tOst Menkova & Ensign Arianna D'Tal

Mission: The Black Rose of Winter's Embrace
Location: Renaras: Operations Base

The ships appeared without announcement...or permission. All attempts to establish contact had been met with silence. The only reason they had not been fired on was the markings the craft were adorned with. The four Razors and the Danube Runabout all wore the colors of the Protectorate. They also approached the base slowly and without any weaponry activated. It appeared as if they were there to talk...but were only going to do so on their terms. They were escorted by six of DeSoro's Raptors that were assigned to patrol duty. Those craft's weapons were most decidedly not deactivated.

*Renaras - Operations Base*

Having been given the information by Adria that ships with markings of the Federation Protectorate had entered the atmosphere, and were making their way to the newly constructed base, Arianna D'Tal pulled her hood up as she stepped out of the Command module.

Arianna had heard of this Protectorate from Kathleen, and Jey. What she'd heard went against everything she knew that the Federation stood for... The more annoying part was that they had expected the people of Starbase 80 to simply pack up, and take off, leaving the base, and the surrounding systems completely unprotected.

Along with the Senior most officers that were present, Arianna made her way over to the spot that had been designated as a landing zone for the Protectorate ships, keeping a slight distance just in case they had any landing troubles in this horrid weather.

Masters took her place in formation with the others. Decked out from head to toe in rain gear, she watched a feed from the primary radar system as the Protectorate's spacecraft began their final approach. Even with the howling wind and rain, the roar of impulse engines burning in atmosphere could soon be heard. Otherwise, the ensemble from the starbase had fallen quiet - perhaps out of anticipation or nervousness at what was to come.

Valentine remained in the rear of the group as a shadow within the LZ as she would observe the landing of the protectorate ships. Those in her channels had informed her of the coup this protectorate had staged. Groups like this were usually small scale and vanished as fast as they had appeared. She had never seen a group seize control as fast as the protectorate had.

"Oh shoot," Eliana snapped her fingers, breaking the malaise. "I left the welcome mat in a pile of stuff back on the starbase. Guess we'll have to do without. Sad."

"I'm sure they'll survive without it." Arianna replied dryly. "From what I hear, these folks would rather see us abandon this area of space, and leave it vulnerable to attack."

"It's quite alright." Rosaleen added as the ship came into view out of the clouds. "I have something else to greet them with."

The ship came down faster than normal...finally flaring just a few meters from the ground. As the ship settled, a set of doors facing them on the aft section of the craft parted, and a gangway started to extend. A squad of protectorate soldiers quickly descended the ramp and took up defensive positions around the craft.

With all she'd been through, Arianna's hand moved to instinctively rest on her phaser, as the guards began taking defensive positions, but she did not move to pull it. As the person officially placed in command of this mission, Arianna stepped forward, inwardly wondering if she was going to regret taking this mission. Like the others, she stood waiting to see who would step out of the ship.

Once the guards had set up a defensive perimeter, Lieutenant Theresa Walters came into the staging area, her left hand holding the diplomatic attache case that seemed to have become part of the uniform in recent weeks and her right hand hovering near her phaser. She looked from side to side, her short blonde curls bobbing from side to side as she did so, before finding the command staff and heading in that direction. Since she was the member of the diplomatic team with the most knowledge of regional military politics, she got the draw for this mission.

The air surrounding Rosaleen turned cold, but that was the only sign of her emotions for the moment...the control exercises that she had learned while on Ba'Ku were helping. She moved to stand next to Arianna. She softly placed a hand on the one Arianna had on the weapon. "Tis better to let them think you are unconcerned with their presence. That will make them uncomfortable. Let them squirm a bit...they are in our house now."

Though Arianna didn't reply, or even look in Rosaleen's direction, she did move her hand away from her phaser, instead giving Rosaleen's hand a squeeze as if to say that she understood. As the blonde woman approached them, Arianna let her Vulcan training take over to almost completely suppress her emotions.

"Welcome to Renaras." Arianna said simply.

Again, she looked around the assembled group, her features frozen like that of a statue. "I have been sent here to discuss your options. You are currently in violation of numerous orders sent forth by the New Council, several of which are quite serious in nature. This can still be resolved with minimal consequences. I would advise you to heed my words and consider them carefully."

Baumann was in a gray slicker with a black Fedora ; Aussie style with the string to hold it to his head, he was more suited to this rain than most; he had a submarine and spent a majority of his time under the water but enough on the surface not to let a little water keep him from knowing what was going on around him. In the jacket he had a projectile weapons of good caliber, in the water or in the rain sometimes a good old fashion slug gets a better message across than a phaser bolt.

"VHy do ve get guests at the vorst times?" He asked himself in a strong German accent.

Arianna raised an eyebrow at this woman. "The United Federation of Planets has abandoned these outlying worlds, and stations. They've also abandoned Starfleet, and the Marines." She said simply. "What options could you possibly have to discuss in light of these circumstances?"

Theresa watched Arianna and the newcomer carefully. She privately agreed with Arianna; likely, the only acceptable option involved the unwanted guest leaving with some degree of dignity and civility. She wasn't particularly expecting that from the briefing Matheson had given her, but someone had to be the optimist.

Adria wasn't exactly in the best of moods given the current situation. However she couldn't let that distract her. At the moment Desoro wished she had been piloting one of the Raports instead. Standing there with the rest of those gathered.

When the woman didn't answer right away, Arianna simply continued, her Vulcan resolve refusing to allow even a small amount of emotion to be seen. "Since the UFP has abandoned these planets, Starfleet, and the Marines, logic dictates that you have no jurisdiction here." She explained simply. "Further more, Starfleet does not answer to you, and neither do I."

Baumann stood in the place he had been since this started; he would wait for his needing to be a part of the conversation; he had little desire to be a part of the placing of parameters. HE would bring the Beagle to the nearest ocean to begin the mapping and study of it.

Baumann was here to support and not to be in command, he just wanted to make sure the mission was successful and the people back alive.

Theresa opened her mouth to speak again, but Arianna didn't even give her the chance.

"I'm authorized to speak on behalf of Commodore O'Shea, and Captain Cleh when I tell you that this new council's requests will put countless innocent lives in danger. Such actions go against the very principles upon which the United Federation of Planets was founded, as well as those which every Starfleet officer has vowed to protect with their lives." Arianna said simply, her academy lessons shining through in her words. The woman in front of her was quiet now, giving Arianna the impression that maybe she'd just seen the futility of what she was attempting. "Lieutenant..." Arianna said, eyeing the woman's rank pips. "My advice to you is to leave this region of space to the protection of Starfleet, because we have no intentions of abandoning the many defenseless cultures that live out here... However, I will relay your message to the Commodore at my earliest convenience."

Walters quietly worked her jaw as Arianna gave a more direct version of the speech Matheson had said to make sure got clearly expressed to the Protectorate representative. It was more effective coming from Arianna anyway; adjutant diplomat never evoked the same respect as direct representative for the two highest ranked Starfleet officers in the sector.

Lined up with the rest of the senior officers forming the welcome party, similar to the rest had her uniform covered with a weatherproof cloak and cowel. Ewon'tost Menkova found herself next lined up next to Lt. Bauerman, she gave a slight short at his quip, following it up with an actual responce. "Perhaps for effect, to make themselves seem sure of themselves, could work in our favor perhaps" She commented.

Falling silent as the exchange began, the opening from either side seemed strong, Arianna had shown particularly well, and that might be it they might just get back in the runabout and fly away to report, or this could be the start of a very long few hours of argument and counter argument, hopefully done inside, Vonny was not a fan of extreme weather.



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