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An Old Adversary Returns...Again.

Posted on Tue Jan 6th, 2015 @ 5:06am by Commander Jey Cleh & Commander Eliana Masters & Lieutenant Commander Adria "Tempest" Desoro & Rhian Terek

Mission: Bloodpath
Location: Taranok IV---Forward Base of Operations
Timeline: During "Down The Rabbit Hole"

With the various events that had happened through the last few days, Lizzy found herself at a loss. Things with Rosaleen had been progressing rather quickly, and now it was time to tell the others what was going on. She approached one of the many campfires strewn about the forward base area where several officers were conversing. They all looked at her as she approached, but something unexpected happened, before she could even open her mouth.

Out of the shadows a tall, cloaked figure appeared, a cowl covering her head and obscuring her features in the dim light. For a moment, the trio thought that possibly another of Kathleen and Rosaleen's race had made their way to the planet. But all thoughts of that were quickly dispelled when the figure removed her cowl.


She turned to look around the camp, then brought her attention back to the officers. "Well, this is certainly a mess. Just what mischief has Starfleet been up to now?"

Seeing the face of a Romulan, Lizzy simply reacted without thinking as she pulled her gun, pointing it at the newcomer. "I wouldn't make any sudden moves if I were you." She said, looking at this suspicious Romulan. "This gun is loaded, and I'm a pretty good shot."

The only reaction Lizzy got was a smile. "My dear, if I had intended you any harm, you would not be standing there I can assure you. We were simply passing through the area when we noticed something was amiss. So naturally, out of concern for these wonderful people, we changed our course to see if we could be of service." She took a glance at the mess around her. "And I must say, it looks as if we have arrived just in the nick of time. I thought you Starfleet folks were better organized than this."

Lizzy had heard horror stories from her sister Jey about her various encounters with Romulans over the years, and wasn't taking chances. "So you've come to help clean up this mess out of the kindness of your heart, right?" Lizzy replied sarcastically, as she shook her head slightly. "I don't buy it. Let me see your hands."

Rhian held her hands out, palms up, then placed them on her hips with a sigh. "Really, Captain. One would thing that you would be much more concerned with the Vidiians than with little ole me. If you notice, I did not even bring my guard with me." She moved a couple of steps closer to Lizzy. "Do you really perceive me as more of a threat than the ones who did all of this?"

Adria had been sitting there minding her own business as the conversation with Terek started. Getting to her feet she turned to face the Romulan, "Rhian Terek so it seems destiny has seen fit for us to cross paths once again."

Rhian cocked her head to one side. " this is an unexpected surprise. I would have never thought that you would abandon O'Shea for another Captain. This woman..." She nodded towards Jeh. "...must be quite the leader for you to change loyalties."

"She didn't abandon anyone." Lizzy said, lowering her gun to put it away. While she seemed harmless enough, something about Rhian had her spooked, but she couldn't put her finger on it. "I'm O'Shea's first officer."

A big smile spread across Rhian's face. "Oh, so you are the new pet! And how is Kathy doing? I have so missed her. And where is the Merlin? Kinda hard to hide something that big."

~Pet? She called me a pet!?~ "I'm not a pet!" Lizzy snapped, before she could stop herself. "Are you always so disrespectful?"

"Oh you have no idea. But I digress. What in the world is going on here? Starfleet is supposed to come in and save the day. this looks more like an Orion Black Market than a Starfleet forward operations base."

Masters had watched and listened to the opening exchange. The El Aurian was not in a particularly talkative mood, and her mental and physical fatigue meant that the barrier between thought and speech was not as robust as it might have been in a normal conversation. Ellie tugged at her collar in a last ditch effort to avoid making a passive-aggressive remark, but the disrespect was too much to handle.

"Alright," Eliana began, "I'll come down to your level. You're right," she nodded, "there isn't much difference except for the fact that here, no one is going to pay you or your handler for your services by the hour. Get to the point."

"Standing here dealing with you is taking time away from the things that need to be done here." Lizzy added. She didn't bother correcting Ellie, because she felt the same way. "If you're here to help like you say you are, then stop wasting time, and get to the point."

Rhian ignored the newcomer's statement, instead concentrating on the officer standing in front of her. "Oh, we will get to that. But first, is Kathy here? I must see here if has been so long. I'm sure she has missed me as much as I have her."

"The Commodore is busy, and wants no interruptions." Lizzy explained. Regardless of whether or not anyone here knew Rhian, Lizzy wasn't about to tell this woman what was really going on behind locked doors. "If you want something, you will have to deal with me for now."

'And that answers that question.' The woman absolutely bled information. "Oh, I don't think that is necessary just quite yet. I think I'll have a look around. See what the people need."

"While the Commodore is unavailable, I'm in command of this base." Lizzy replied without hesitation. "Since I don't know you, or trust you, you're not going anywhere around here without an escort, unless she tells me otherwise."

Rhian's smile never wavered. "Oh...I'm sorry. I guess you wouldn't know, being so new here. You see, we have a formal trade agreement with Taranok. And as a senior council member..." As she spoke, she handed her credentials over to Jeh. "...I enjoy full autonomy in my travels here. In fact, I probably have more authority in an official capacity here than you do."

Lizzy looked at the credentials that Rhian handed her. While some of the information shown was above her head, she understood enough to get the idea. "Shit!" She swore low, before handing them back to the Romulan woman. "Fine, but stay out of the vessels. Those are Starfleet property, and I won't budge on that, no matter who your credentials say you are."

"Oh, I have no interest in your toys I assure you. But...I must get to my duties. Tell Kathy to please let me know when she is available for tea." Rhian took her credentials back, then turned to leave. She quickly disappeared back into the darkness.

Masters looked around at the others gathered around and raised an eyebrow. Romulan and Federation interactions were markedly less hostile in recent years compared to decades past, but there were always exceptions to the general trend. All it took was some flashback to tip someone over the boiling point.

"I take it that the crew has met her before?" Eliana asked.

"It seems that way, but something about her seems wrong somehow." Lizzy replied, as she watched Rhian walk away. Finally she turned back to Eliana. "Keep an eye on her, but don't make it obvious. I don't want to start any trouble, but I don't want her to either."

"We can put a small drone in the air. It'll be silent to anyone on the ground and you won't be able to see it either. Should give us the ability to track her without drawing any kind of attention."

"Do it." Was Lizzy's reply. She hoped this order wouldn't end up getting her into trouble later.

Masters nodded, turning towards the operations center that the members of her department had cobbled together. Any seriously sound structure had been used to house the refugees overnight, so they had to make do with that they had left. It was a mess - a functional mess, but a mess nonetheless.

"Yes very certainly keep an eye on her," Adria commented sounding more than a bit annoyed at the untimely interruption by Rhian and the revelation. "That could but a major kink in things. Long story short yes there are some of us that have had a run in with her before." It wasn't exactly something Desoro enjoyed bringing up.


Rhian Terek
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