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So Frustrating! (Back post)

Posted on Mon Mar 9th, 2015 @ 8:20am by Commander Jey Cleh & Lieutenant Commander Adria "Tempest" Desoro

Mission: Bloodpath
Location: Taranok IV - Forward Base
Timeline: During "Atmosphere"

After the meeting, and the glitch with the stasis chamber, Lizzy had been roaming around the camp, helping out with various tasks to keep herself busy.

Though she was in the relative safety of the camp, she didn't feel safe at all. The attack on Rosaleen showed the skills of a sniper, and that scared Lizzy to no end.

She was working to help setup another module that they would be using to provide more medical help to the refugees, when her thoughts were interrupted by the call of her name.

"Captain Cleh," Adria called out finally located the person she needed to talk to. It had been a rough day already. As it stood the news she had to deliver didn't help. Quickly approaching the Executive Officer, "We have a problem."

Lizzy handed the box she was holding off to another person, who carried it off as she turned to the owner of the voice. her first thought was that the words 'We have a problem.' couldn't be happening again. "What's going on?"

Doing her best to keep her anger and other emotions under tight control. However given the events surrounding the loss of Rosaleen that was becoming more difficult. "I was just informed one of our shuttle's is missing from its landing area. Commander Masters commandeered it. She violated flight restrictions and left without fighter escort."

"This can't be happening." Was Lizzy's first reaction. Masters hadn't seemed all that stable the last time she'd laid eyes on her, but she didn't see this one coming. She was immediately flustered at this turn of events "So frustrating! Any idea where she ran off to?"

Equally as frustrated Adria shook her head, "If I knew that Captain I'd be in the process of dragging her back here myself." It was clear recent events were weighing heavily on her mind. "All I can guess is she felt a need to notify O'Shea herself. I don't know why she didn't wait for an escort. I would have gladly taken up that duty myself as its my job and its safe to say I'm not exactly sleeping tonight."

"Without knowing where she went, there's nothing we can really do." Lizzy replied with a sigh. "If she makes it back here in one piece, I want her standing in front of me. We need all the help we can get, and I don't need my pilots running off on their own." With all the trouble happening tonight, Lizzy was reaching a breaking point. Something had to give, and she hoped it wouldn't be her sanity.

Adria nodded even though she knew Cleh was correct that didn't make things any easier. Honestly she happened to be near the end of her rope. There happened to be enough to worry about without senior staff running off. "I understand but that doesn't help things."

"Being short handed doesn't help things either." Lizzy explained. She figured Adria knew most of these things, but she had to account for everyone, and one of her people was missing. She looked at Adria, noticing that the woman had probably seen better days. "How are you holding up?" The question was random, but in her eyes it was wise to ask such things, if she was going to be more 'approachable' as Kathleen had put it.

"No it doesn't," Adria commented. "How am I many ways I can't say I'm going great but then as Senior staff I don't exactly have the luxury of giving into my own feelings right now."

~If only it were that easy~ Lizzy thought to herself, but said something different. "Just do the best you can." She said, as she looked at Adria. "It's not easy, but we're all trying... Even me, with all the screwing up I keep doing."

Adria nodded doing her best not to sound as tired and defeated as she really was, "Thank you Captain. All we can do is try." Hopefully things would get better.

Lizzy took a deep breath, sighing heavily. "That's all I ask." She gave Adria a genuine smile. "Do you have a report for me?"

Walking over to Cleh Adria nodded handing over a PADD, "Yes I have the current status of the 220th. We need to find a better way to rotate the pilots or fatigue will take it toll far too quickly in conditions like this. Now that we have an FOB that should make it easier but a lot is still being demanded of all the pilots in conditions like this."

"What about shortening their shifts?" Lizzy suggested, as she skimmed through Adria's written report. Her medical instincts came to the surface as the potential for fatigue reared it's ugly head. "Maybe make the rest shifts equal to the work shifts, and shorten them. That might help with fatigue, even if it does slow things down a bit." She thumbed off on the PADD, handing it back to Adria. "Talk to some of the refugees too. See if some of them would be willing to help out."

Carefully considering Lizzy's words, "Those are both good suggestions. Its better than nothing and we'll just have to do our best with the rest of it. Especially if they keep testing our defenses as hard as they have so far."

"We need to find a way to strengthen the perimeter." Lizzy explained. "If we don't, they'll eventually break through, and we will end up with a fire fight right here in the middle of the base."

Somberly Adria nodded, "Yeah thats exactly what worries me. I don't want to think about what else will happen if we don't come up with a plan to create a stronger perimeter."

"Is there a way we can expand the sensor grid?" Lizzy asked her. In her mind, foresight was an advantage. "If we can see them sooner, it might give us some advantage."

Adria gave her the best response possible, "I can't say definitively it will work. We can try. Our best shot is to add more sensor units and repeaters to help extend the range. While what we have wasn't set at the widest point we can get a good signal, we risk degrading the signal easier with a wider net. But its worth a try. There maybe something I'm missing. Other solutions will require more input than I can give you alone."

"Hopefully our two pilots got through with a message to Starbase 80." Lizzy replied with a sigh. "If we're lucky, they will send us backup."

"Agreed there Captain. Its all we can do. This isn't the first time and certainly won't be the last we have to find a way to get creative in a less than ideal situation," Adria replied with a matter of fact sounding tone.

"Right now, the odds look like they're stacked against us." Lizzy replied absently, then looked back at Adria. "Grab a few people, and go through what's left of the inventory. I want to know what we have, and some ideas on ways to use it."

Adria nodded, "Understood Captain. I'll get a team together to assess our remaining inventory and get you a report."

"Come find me when you have it ready." Lizzy replied. "I'll be in the Command module, or around here somewhere helping out."

"You can be sure I will," Adria commented. "If you'll excuse me I have work to do."

"Don't let me stop you." Lizzy replied. "Go do what you need to do." With that, she turned back to helping set up the next tent.

Joint Post by

Captain Jey Cleh
Executive Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase 80

Lt Commander Adria "Tempest" Desoro
220th CAG
Starbase 80


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