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Murder on the surface

Posted on Sat Oct 24th, 2015 @ 10:33am by Commander Jey Cleh

Mission: And Then There Were Two... (Primary)
Location: Stratkas IV - Outskirts of Meurdin City
Timeline: Dusk

*Starbase 80 - Jey Cleh's Quarters*

After dealing with the day to day stuff that Kathleen usually took care of, and signing off on the updated information from the colonization project, Lizzy had finally gotten off duty. She'd spent half an hour or so at Kataran's Palace, before heading home to her quarters.

As she walked in, she tossed her PADD on the table, then stopped, as she saw her terminal blinking with a missed message.

"Computer, play missed message." Lizzy ordered.

A moment later, the image of a man appeared on the screen. He had short, dark hair, and a goatee. Lizzy recognized him as being John Deban. John was a friend of Jey's back at the Academy. Lizzy had met him once on the station, before he'd moved planet side.

"Jey, I know this isn't the best way to do this, but... I'm in trouble, and I need your help." John said. "I'm in a little house on the outskirts of Meurdin. The address is included in this message. Please come as soon as you can, and come alone."

As the message ended, the information included appeared on the screen. "Great." Lizzy said to herself. "Just what I need." She checked her gun, then headed out of her quarters. She'd take her own shuttle down alone to find out what this was about.

*30 minutes later - Stratkas IV - Outskirts of Meurdin*

Reaching her destination, Lizzy landed the shuttle nearby the house. She secured the shuttle, and approached the front of the house. She looked around as she walked up the few stairs to the door. It was strangely quiet, and she saw no one around.

As she reached to ring the bell, she stopped, noticing that the door was slightly open. ~ Here we go... ~ She thought to herself as she pulled her gun, and slowly pushed the door open. "John?" She called as she entered the house. "Samantha? Is anyone here?"

The sound of silence was deafening, as she entered through the front door. She was greeted with a hallway that had two doorways on either side, and an open room at the end. As her eyes adjusted to the difference in light, she noticed a hand laying on the floor in the doorway to the left.

Lizzy slowly approached the doorway, glancing across into the other door to see an empty kitchen, before carefully looking into the room. The room was empty, save for John, who was laying on the floor, a hole in his chest that indicated he'd been stabbed. She checked his wrist for a pulse, and found none, wondering inwardly if she was going to find Samantha the same way.

"Whoever you are, I think you should know I'm a Starfleet Officer." Lizzy called out, as she straightened back up cautiously. She checked the room, and the kitchen, noting nothing else that seemed unusual.

Finally, she moved to where the open area was, keeping against one of the walls. She stood at the corner, taking a deep breath, before turning the corner to check for anyone.

As Lizzy turned the corner, she was met by a man wearing all black. He was tall, with a build just a bit bigger than her own. The moment he came into view, he lead with two punches. The first hit her wrist hard enough to send the gun flying out of her hands to land several feet away. She saw the second one coming for her face, and tried to move, but got caught along the side of the face, near the temple. She staggered back a few steps, before toppling backwards onto the floor.

Seeing his victim was out, the masked man moved closer to her. He pulled out his dagger, and moved to end her existence. His next target would be the girl. Like her father, she knew too much, and had to be eliminated. This Starfleet woman just happened to get in the way.

While the hit Lizzy took put her down, it didn't keep her out long. As her masked attacker moved closer, Lizzy began to come around. She opened her eyes just in time to see him lunge downward with a dagger. In an instinct reaction, she slapped his hand away hard enough to toss the knife a few feet away.

With his knife gone, the man yanked Lizzy up off the floor, slamming her back against the wall, then reared up to hit her full in the face. This woman was already troublesome, and it was time to end this.

Disoriented for a moment as she was thrown back against the wall, Lizzy quickly ducked at the last second, causing the man to hit the wall full force. Lizzy side stepped out from under him, then turned, hitting him just below the side of the ribs with a straight punch, and as he turned to face her, she hit him full on with an uppercut, causing him to stagger back a couple steps. She followed through with a push kick, which sent him falling back into a glass coffee table.

As he laid there, working slowly to get himself up, Lizzy shook her head as if to clear away the cobwebs. "You're under arrest for assaulting a Starfleet officer, and for murder." She said as he managed to pull himself off the broken coffee table. "You have the right to remain silent-" Lizzy got cut off as he rushed her, tackling her to the ground.

As each of them fought for a hold on the other, Lizzy's attacker caught her in the face with another straight punch, breaking her nose. Blinded by sudden pain, and tears, Lizzy lashed out, striking hard at the first target she caught. Lucky enough for her, she caught him square in the jaw, sending him sprawling back onto the floor.

"Ugh..." Lizzy groaned as she moved to get up. "Anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law." She spit a bit of blood from her mouth, before holding her now broken nose.

Getting to his feet, the man lunged forward, grabbing Lizzy in a bear hug. As he held her, Lizzy could feel his grip tighten around her body, near to the point of breaking bones, the pain finally telling her that this man surely intended to kill her. "You have the right to an attorney." She said as she brought her hands up, slamming them hard against either side of the base of his neck.

The hits caused him to drop her, but it didn't deter him. He grabbed her again, picking her up, and slamming her back against a nearby book shelf, causing some of the books to fall on both of them.

Lizzy grunted in pain, as her back hit the shelf, which caused some of the books to fall. She pulled back, hitting him as hard as she could across the side of the head multiple times, finally causing him to let her go. The moment he did, she followed through with a 4-hit combo. Two straight punches to the chest, followed by an uppercut, and finally a side kick that lifted him only slightly into the air, sending him sprawling back onto the floor.

"If you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you." She said, as she clutched at her side. Based on the pain she felt, she could swear he'd managed to crack at least one rib. "If you talk now, you have the right to shut up at any time."

The man stood up, looking at her. She was now more than just a simple annoyance. She was a clear cut threat, and now it was time to exterminate her.

"Do you understand the rights I've just explained to you?" Her answer was straight forward, but perfectly clear in her mind, as he unexpectedly stepped forward with a powerful straight punch to her chest.

The hit sent her off her feet, landing a few feet away, not far from her gun. The moment she hit the ground, he immediately went for his knife.

As she hit the ground, she yelled out in pain. Her chest felt like it was on fire from the sudden impact he'd made there. She saw him going for his knife, and went for her gun. She slowly raised it up, taking aim as she watched him rear back to throw the knife at her.

"To hell with it!" It was either her life, or his, as she pulled the trigger three times in rapid succession. All three shots hit him in the chest, and the last one through his heart, before he dropped the knife, and fell to the floor, dead.

"Dammit!" Lizzy said, as she laid back on the floor to relax a bit. "Now I can't question him.... Sam!" She called out, and moments later she heard what sounded like a cabinet door closing.

Samantha came into the living area from the kitchen, and saw Jey laying on the floor. The woman's face had blood on it, and she didn't look too good. "Jey!" She said as she moved to where the woman lay on the floor.

Lizzy reached a hand up to cradle the 10 year old girl's face. "I'm glad you're ok." She said, before coughing up some blood. She turned on her side, spitting it out, and then tapped her COMM badge. =A= "Cleh to Starbase 80, I need a medical team, and security team at my location." =A=

=A= "Copy that. We'll send them right away." =A=

=A= "Better bring a forensics team too. There's been a murder here. Cleh out." =A=

As they waited, Lizzy, and Samantha held each other, both needing the comfort after what they'd both gone through.

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