Time Keeps On Slipping...

Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 6:32pm by Commander Andrew Matheson

Finally, a log entry that isn't the same old drivel I've been regurgitating for the last two years just to get it out of my system.

The starbase seems to be finally coming back to doing more than one thing at a time... and it seems like a lot of the family is coming home.

I noticed in particular that Arianna and Rosaleen were slated to come back in today.

Arianna will be a godsend. I can never be in enough places at once as it stands right now; she won't completely solve that problem, but she definitely lands in my top three for "won't make a diplomatic problem worse" and "can handle themselves when a diplomatic problem becomes worse". I'm happy Command saw fit to let me request her services, and I'm happier she agreed.

Rosaleen... Oh, Rosaleen...

Far be it from me to damn anyone for getting absorbed in their work to the extent of damaging interpersonal relationships. The flaming wreck that was my marriage is testament to the fact that I can screw that up with the best of them. But I have to admit to more than idle curiosity as to how many of my messages in the last year were ever opened, let alone read.

I always figured she'd be back some day. No idea why I figured that other than Kathleen was still here. And given all the super-smart muscle heads she's had the chance to work with back in Sol Sector the last three years, I honestly don't know where we stand these days. But since she's certain to be Kathleen's right hand again, I'm going to have to figure it out and suck it up if the terrain is miserable.

Oh, and Masters is back too. Note to self - make sure I move my flight practice to her sleep cycle so as to avoid getting grief about my lack of skills in that department.