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Posted on Wed Sep 9th, 2020 @ 2:58pm by Lieutenant Ithi Deritan

Computer begin recording

So I have arrived on starbase 80, the place is huge. I arrived a few days ago and got settled into my quarters, not as big as the ones on earth but hey starbases like ships have limited space for everyone they have to fit onboard.

Everyone seems to be a bustle here, running to and fro while little miss intel chief doesn't even know where her office is yet. I've informed command I am oboard but, seems something maybe going on so I haven't even had a chance to report in yet face to face. hell I don't even know if I am the only agent aboard or if their actually giving me a section.

I really hope i'm not the only agent aboard... thats going to be a fuck of alot of sleepless nights and stims to keep me going. I'll do it but thats going to be a bitch. but duty is duty.

*she sighs* I hope I didn't make a mistake volunteering for this posting.

Computer end log


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