The Black Rose of Winter's Embrace

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When the station receives orders from Starfleet Intelligence to execute a stealthy rescue on an out of the way moon, they find an illegal mining operation, and things don't go quite as smoothly as they hope. Will the crew be able to complete their mission, and shut down the facility, or will they too become part of the mine's slave labor?

Tales from the Frontier

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Stories from all over the Frontier outside of the main mission.

A New Dawn Arises

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The return of the Starbase 80 crew.

And Then There Were Two... (Primary)

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An investigation into the murder of John Deban, an Academy friend of Captain Cleh, leads the crew of Starbase 80 on the trail of something big involving the Orion Syndicate. As the investigation progresses, what they find leaves them seeing double.

Meanwhile, a crash landing on a nearby world puts Kathleen face to face with a man she thought she'd never see again...

With a surprise twist, and an even stranger outcome, will the crew of Starbase 80 uncover the truth behind this incredible mystery?

Let the Games Begin

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Starbase 80 has reached the point of operational status, and the first projects are about to commence. However, not all is as quiet in the neighborhood as everybody would like for it to be, and not everybody is as excited to see progress began as Starfleet and the Federation.

Paradise Lost

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A new age has dawned on the Federation...a federation which no longer represents the ideals or goals of it former existence. The 'New Order' has firmly taken control of the Council and Presidency, and the dissolution of both Starfleet and the Marines has begun...now placing the tasks that they once performed under a new organization: The Federation Protectorate.

The New Federation is a much smaller version of it's former self as well, with only a handful of worlds deemed 'worthy' of remaining within it's umbrella. This leaves a lot of people on their own to figure out exactly how to proceed. Additionally, a majority of now ex-Starfleet and Marine personnel find themselves on their own, waiting for the Protectorate to come and relieve them of their charges and return to...well, nobody knows exactly what to expect. A good number of these personnel have decided to stick things out for now together...in ships, on stations, and other locations around the known Galaxy. THat's the problem with the move made by the Council...they lack the resources to take their property back by force. So a lot of these personnel are finding themselves joining with the now ex-members who's region they are located in. Many small worlds inherited an instant military force.

As for the Frontier...well, like always.......

Anything goes.


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An unknown species has crossed through the Neutral Zone looking for a new home, and Taranok IV meets every need that they have except one...the 9.2 Billion inhabitants of the planet. A WMD has been detonated in the capital city, with devastating results. An invasion is ongoing. The crew of SB80 has to move quickly to stabilize the situation enough to allow both Medical and Corps of Engineers personnel to render aid to the inhabitants. But one huge question remains. Is Taranok IV the goal, or just the beginning...

New Frontier

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As the USS Merlin docks, her crew learns that they have new orders. Some are being transferred to the base, while others are heading off to new assignments. Thus begins the story of the New Frontier...

The Ancient Art of Operations

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