Departments & Positions

  • Command (Starbase 80)

    The Command department is ultimately responsible for the ship and its crew, and those within the department are responsible for commanding the vessel and representing the interests of Starfleet.

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  • Command (USS McKlusky)

    This is the Command team of the USS McKlusky.

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  • Combat Operations (Starbase 80)

    The Combat Operations department coordinates the stations offensive and defensive capabilities, coordinates operations of the stations air assets, and operates the Tactical Information Center, providing processed information for command and control of the near battle space or 'area of operations'. Combat Operations organizes and processes information into a form more convenient and usable by the commander in authority. The TIC funnels communications and data received over multiple channels, which is then organized, evaluated, weighted and arranged to provide ordered timely information flow to the battle command staff under the control of the Chief Combat Operations Officer and his deputies.

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  • Flight Operations (Starbase 80)

    Flight Operations supports a wide range of aerospace activities both within and around the station, including but not limited to the following;

    * Flight Operations Command & Control
    * Refueling of Starfleet craft
    * Sale of fuel to private companies and craft
    * Line services for both Starfleet and private craft
    * Scheduled or nonscheduled flight carrier services and support services
    * Pilot training
    * Spacecraft storage (tie-down or hangar)
    * Repair and maintenance of spacecraft
    * Supply (Starfleet) or sale (private/commercial) of parts
    * Cerberus Conversions/Integration

    Flight Operations also provides auxiliary services to pilots, flight crew, and passengers such as food vending and restaurant facilities, restroom facilities, rest lounges and showers, communication services, and waiting areas. Additionally, Flight Operations can assist with station to planet shuttle/courier services, ground transportation arrangements, flight planning, and accommodations reservations or concierge services for both crew and passengers.

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  • Security and Tactical (USS McKlusky)

    This is the Security, and Tactical department for the USS McKlusky

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  • Operations (Starbase 80)

    The Operations Department is responsible for keeping the stations systems functioning properly, rerouting power, bypassing relays, and doing whatever else is necessary to keep the ship operating at peak efficiency. Data management and all of the stations computer systems fall under their umbrella as well. Additionally, Operations is responsible for maintenance and repair on ancillary systems, food prep, housekeeping, and assists Engineering with Damage Control.

    Operations coordinates with the Logistics and Materials Department to ensure that all station departments and their personnel have the supplies that they require to perform their duties. Operations maintains their own Quartermaster and materials management personnel, but they are limited to tending to departmental needs.

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  • Operations (USS McKlusky)

    This is the Operations department for the USS McKlusky

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  • Planetary Operations (Starbase 80)

    Planetary Operations is responsible for managing all non-combat operations that occur on a planets surface. This department coordinates heavily with Materials & Logistics and Flight Operations, as well as the Corps of Engineers. Planning, logistics and tasking order generation for away missions are made in this office.

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  • Engineering (USS McKlusky)

    This is the Engineering department for the USS McKlusky

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  • Logistics and Materials (Starbase 80)

    The Logistics and Materials department deals with all freight moved in, out, and through Starbase 80. All cargo management duties fall under L&M, including Cerberus Operations. Logistics Mobility operations falls under L&M as well.

    Logistics and Materials coordinates with the Operations department to provide the needed supplies and materials to keep the station running.

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  • Medical & Counseling (Starbase 80)

    The medical & counseling department is responsible for the mental and physical health of the crew, from running annual physicals to combatting a strange plague that is afflicting the crew to helping a crew member deal with the loss of a loved one.

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  • Engineering (Starbase 80)

    The engineering department has the enormous task of keeping the ship working; they are responsible for making repairs, fixing problems, and making sure that the ship is ready for anything.

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  • Diplomatic Detachment (Starbase 80)

    Responsible for representing the Federation and its interest, members of the Diplomatic Corps are members of the civilian branch of the Federation.

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  • Security and Investigative Services (Starbase 80)

    The United Federation Starfleet Security and Investigative Services Branch is responsible for Security on starfleet Ships, Stations, Facilities and Outposts. In this function, they act in ways analogous to local and regional police agencies, however UF Starfleet Security's mandate extends much farther than that. Starfleet Security cooperates with Starfleet Intelligence regarding covert intelligence gathering missions. A branch of Starfleet Security is tasked with the protection of the Commander-in-Chief and the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff. Additionally, all evidence processing, forensics, and criminal investigations are handled by UF Security.

    Security is also responsible for all weapons lockers (except for those used by SFMC), the brig, issuing and maintaing security clearances, escorting VIP's and defending the ship in a boarding situation,provide protection during away missions.

    One of the primary functions of Starfleet Security is to defend the crew and ship. They are trained primarely in defensive and close quarter combat situations. In addition to defence, they also serve as a police force by responding to complaints and as such have the authority to arrest people when deemed necessary.

    On Starbases Security spends most of its time doing patrols of the various decks, solving crimes and inspection of incoming and outgoing vessels and their cargo while assisting the security department of the docked ships.

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  • Intelligence (Starbase 80)

    The Intelligence department is responsible for gathering and providing intelligence as it becomes possible during a mission; during covert missions, the intelligence department also takes a more active role, providing the necessary classified and other information.

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  • Communications and Linguistics (Starbase 80)

    The Communications Corps is responsible for the operation of the Starfleet's communications systems. Personnel handle the routing of both intra-station and external communications. Additionally, the department is responsible for all Linguistics and Translation Services on the Station and the planetary facilities.

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  • Corps of Engineers: Command Team (Starbase 80)

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  • Corps of Engineers: Design Team (Starbase 80)

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  • Corps of Engineers: Operations Division (Starbase 80)

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  • Science (Starbase 80)

    From sensor readings to figuring out a way to enter the strange spacial anomaly, the science department is responsible for recording data, testing new ideas out, and making discoveries.

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  • The 7th Marine Expeditionary Force (7th MEF) (Starbase 80)

    The 7th Marine Expeditionary Force (7th MEF) is one of thirty Marine Expeditionary Force units currently in existence in the Starfleet Marine Corps. The Marine Expeditionary Force is a Marine Ground Task Force with a strength of about 1260 personnel. The MEF consists of a command element, a reinforced infantry element, an aviation element, an armored cavalry element, and a logistics combat element.

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    • 7th Marine Expeditionary Force: Command Element

      7th Marine Expeditionary Force Ground Command Element is a highly trained unit of Starfleet Marines. They are tasked with providing Command and Control 7th Marine Expeditionary Force, which is stationed on the USS Merlin. The CE provides all headquarters functions for the MEF: command, operations, plans, and administration. It also often holds units which do not fit within the ground combat element, aviation combat element, or logistics combat element.

    • 7th Marine Expeditionary Force: Ground Combat Element

      The 7th Marine Expeditionary Force Ground Combat Element is a highly trained unit of Starfleet Marines. They are tasked with providing security, away mission support, and combat support for the 7th Marine Expeditionary Force, which is stationed on the USS Merlin. The Ground Combat Element is usually comprised of infantry, supported by armor, support vehicles, and artillery, but may also include special units such as scouts or Recon Battalions, snipers, and forward air controllers.

    • 7th Marine Expeditionary Force: Aviation Combat Element

      The 7th Marine Expeditionary Force Aviation Combat Element is a highly trained unit of Starfleet Marines. They are tasked with air combat and logistics support for the 7th Marine Expeditionary Force, which is stationed on the USS Merlin. The Aviation Combat Element includes all aircraft (both fighters and support craft), their pilots and maintenance personnel, and those units necessary for aviation command and control.

    • 7th Marine Expeditionary Force: Logistics Combat Element

      The 7th Marine Expeditionary Force Ground Combat Element is a highly trained unit of Starfleet Marines. They are tasked with logistical support for the 7th Marine Expeditionary Force, which is stationed on the USS Merlin. The Logistics Combat Element contains all of the support units for the MEF: communications, combat engineers, motor transport, medical, supply units, and certain specialized groups such as air delivery and landing support teams.

  • 220th Tactical Air Group Command (Starbase 80)

    Command group for the 220th Tactical Air Group assigned to New Frontier Station. The CAG and Group XO also hold the roll of Squadron Leader in the squadron of their choice.

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    • VA-81

      220th Tactical Air Group, VA-81 Attack squadron assigned to Starbase 80. The squadron is made up of 40 Attack Fighters.

    • VF-102

      220th Tactical Air Group, VF-102 Fighter squadron assigned to Starbase 80. The squadron is made up of 40 Interceptors.

    • VF-103

      220th Tactical Air Group, VF-103 Fighter squadron assigned to Starbase 80. The squadron is made up of 40 Interceptors.

    • VFA-131

      220th Tactical Air Group, VFA-131 Fighter/Attack squadron assigned to Starbase 80. The squadron is made up of 40 Multi-role/Assault Fighters.

    • 776th Tactical Airlift Squadron

      220th Tactical Air Group, 776th Tactical Airlift Squadron assigned to Starbase. The 776th Tactical Airlift Squadron consists of 24 Transports. Their primary mission is to provide airlift support for transport of cargo, ground vehicles, and personnel in support of both Starfleet and Marine operations. The 776th also provides Search & Rescue, Medivac, and Logistical support.

  • Civilian Affairs (Starbase 80)

    Civilians play an important role in Starfleet. Many civilian specialists across a number of fields work on occasion with Starfleet personnel as a Mission Specialist. In other cases, extra ship and station duties, such as running the ship's lounge, are outsourced to a civilian contract.

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  • Other (Starbase 80)

    This department holds positions that don't fit into any other department on the station.

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