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Chief Petty Officer William Pitsenbarger

Name William Hart Pitsenbarger

Position Medic/Rescue Chief

Rank Chief Petty Officer


Permission Level Crew

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Terran)
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10” (1.778 meters)
Weight 161 lbs. (76.20 kg)
Hair Color Light brown hair, peppered with silver and grey hair.
Eye Color Rich, dark brown; almost black.
Physical Description Light brown hair, peppered with silver and grey hair cut in a very short businessman cut parted on the left. Has a perpetual five a clock shadow on his face again a light brown with flecks of silver and grey. He is a stocky and fit male with defined muscularity. Has a scare on left inner forearm from a Jem'Hadar Kar'takin. He also has a scare on his right abdominal and backside from the same Kar'takin.


Spouse Catalina Badini (Ex-wife)
Children Carsyn Kolchak (Daughter), Treyton Pitsenbarger (Son)
Father William Pitsenbarger
Mother Alice Pitsenbarger
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Rowan Kolchak (Son in law), Arabella Pitsenbarger (Daughter in law), Tennessee Pitsenbarger (Granddaughter)

Personality & Traits

General Overview William H. Pitsenbarger is the consummate medic. He strives for perfection in his craft and in the enlisted medics under him. While he may be forgiving of an enlisted medic in other areas of their duties, he is extremely intolerant of any medic not being up to date and trained as a medic. He also expects the medics to be thorough and professional as medics. Because of his wanting to be the best medic and also demanding the same of those enlisted medics under him many have either gone on to become nurses or doctors in Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Str – Photographic memory

Str – Extremely knowledgeable in emergency medicine and medicine in general

Str – Knowledgeable in Starfleet Medical protocols

Str – Able to work with Federation Marines

Str – Expert with phasers and phaser rifles

Weak – Perfectionist when it comes to being an enlisted medic

Weak – Can be demanding of the enlisted medical personnel

Weak – Has a disdain for incompetent Warrant Officers or Officers, Medical

Weak – Volunteers for the most dangerous assignments

Weak – Severe PTSD

Weak – Severe Night Terrors

Weak – Severe Survivor’s Guilt
Ambitions To have the best enlisted medical crew on any starship or station in Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Playing the Spanish Guitar, listening to classical Country music (especially Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline), listening to Old Time Radio shows, reading crime novels and fantasy novels, pencil and charcoal drawing and wine collecting.

Personal History William was born and grew up in Piqua, Ohio. He was an excellent student and was accelerated through several grades due to his photographic memory. At the age of twelve he witnessed a horrific hover vehicle accident and became fascinated with the emergency medical team that responded to the accident. He made up his mind then and there that he was going to become one of them. When he graduated High School at the age of fourteen, he applied for the Sinclair Community College emergency medical technology/technician paramedic program, with permission given by his parents. He graduated the program at sixteen years of age, the youngest ever in the college's history. He then convinced his parents to allow him to go to Leavenworth, Washington to attend and earn his remote emergency medical technician (REMT) certification. He completed his training and received his certificate. He then returned home and began work as a junior paramedic at Ohio State University Hospital, though he was only allowed to work in the emergency room and not the ambulance side. He grew frustrated with not being allowed to work on the streets in an ambulance and after a year resigned and took a position with the National Forest service and worked out of Bitterroot National Forest, near Hamilton, Montana. It was here that he ran into his future wife, Catalina Badini. After a six-month whirlwind romance, they were married. Six months after their marriage they had their first child, Treyton Pitsenbarger. A month later in an attempt to better provide for his new family William decided to join Starfleet. He was shrewd with the recruiter and held out until he got what he wanted, a chance to become a Starfleet enlisted medic. The recruiter tried to persuade him into other fields, but William was insistent; to the point of almost leaving when the recruiter agreed to draw up a contract placing him in the enlisted medical corps of Starfleet (unbeknownst to William the recruiter tagged him to also go to the Starfleet Marine Corps Field Medical Service School, for good measure). William shipped off to basic and his advanced training courses. After his basic and advanced training, he spent his leave with his wife awaiting his orders. He was assigned as a medic to 7th Division (Star Fleet Marine Corps), 7th Marines, 3 Battalion based off the Starbase 844. His wife and child followed him to Starbase 844, where it was learned that Catalina, his wife was pregnant. While assigned as a corpsman (medic) to the marines; he took three courses assigned for Starfleet medics: Foundational Leader Development Course (FLDC), Patient Administration Course (PAC), and was even accepted to attend Starfleet Search and Rescue Medical Technician School. His first four years as an enlisted corpsman (medic) ended with him being awarded Exceptional Performance of Duty Citation. He shortly signed up for another tour, causing strife between him and his wife. She returned to Earth, and he was assigned to the USS Centaur. His first six months on board he attended courses Clinic Management Course (CMC) and Intermediate Leader Development Course (ILDC). As he completed his courses he received the divorce papers from his wife, he reluctantly signed the papers. One month later the USS Centaur would take a role in the Battle of Torros III. He was transferred to the USS Lionheart as the USS Centaur needed to be repaired. He was on the USS Lionheart when it participated in the Battle of the Tyra system. It was brutal and humiliating defeat for the Federation and Klingon forces, with 98 of the 112 starships sent being destroyed or damaged beyond repair. He displayed incredible bravery and courage during the battle as one of the Damage Control Team medics, saving five lives thus he was awarded a Tristar Cluster and a Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry. As the USS Lionheart was in for repairs, he attended Advanced Leader Development Course (ALDC), Advanced Medical Department Enlisted Course (AMDEC) and was then sent to Starfleet Independent Medical Corpsman School (IDMC). Upon completion of the IDMC course he was assigned to the 5th Division (Starfleet Marine Corps), 14th Marines, 1st Battalion (Marine Ranger company) as their IDMC. The unit was soon deployed to the Chin’toka system where it was involved in the Siege of AR-558. He ran the casualty collection point for the Marine Ranger company he was attached to, serving valiantly. He helped repel several assaults upon his casualty collection point while maintaining critical care of the wounded brought to him. During the final assault by the Jem’Hadar he fought hand to hand against them, in the process he was severally wounded by a Jem’Hadar Kar’takin. Even wounded as horribly as he was, he continued defending the casualties under his care until he lost consciousness from the loss of blood. He was evacuated with the rest of the Marines and was in critical life-threatening condition, to the point the Starfleet doctors did not think he would survive. It was touch and go for him as he was evacuated back to Earth. He managed to survive but the Kar’takin left scars on his body. Upon his full recovery Starfleet awarded him the Starfleet Medal of Honor and the Legion of Merit. The Starfleet Marine Corps awarded him the Heart of S’em-loh and the unit (1st Battalion, 14th Marines, 5th Division) was awarded a Unit Citation, thusly conferred to him as well. He then spent his time after his recover stationed at Starfleet Headquarters, Medical Command. While there he attended the Executive Medical Department Enlisted Course (EMDEC). Three months after graduation the Breen attacked Earth. He again proved that Starfleet had been correct in awarding him the Starfleet Medal of Honor as he time and again put his life on the line searching for, taking care and helping both Starfleet personnel and civilians alike. For his actions he was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valor and Kragite Order of Heroism. After the attack he was assigned to the USS Nelson, participating with the ship in the Battle for Cardassia. He would remain on the USS Nelson for four years. He was then transferred to the USS Salk (a hospital ship) for a five-year mission. He then was assigned to the USS Pasteur (a hospital ship) for a two-year tour. He then was assigned to the USS Nobel for a three-year tour. Then he was promoted up to Senior Chief Petty Officer and assigned to the USS Denver as Chief Medic for a five-year tour. Upon Completion he was assigned to the USS Beowulf as Chief Medic and IDMC.
Service Record Starfleet Technical Services Academy (Mars)

Star Fleet Marine Corps Marine Combat Training course (Camp Pendleton, Earth)

Starfleet Marine Corps Field Medical Service School (Camp Pendleton, Earth)

7th Division (Star Fleet Marine Corps), 7th Marines, 3 Battalion

      *Exceptional Performance of Duty Citation

USS Centaur

      +Battle of Torros III     

USS Lionheart

+Battle of the Tyra system

*Tristar Cluster

*Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry

5th Division (Starfleet Marine Corps), 14th Marines, 1st Battalion - Chin'toka system

+Siege of AR-558

*Starfleet Medal of Honor

*Legion of Merit

*Heart of S'em-loh

*Unit Citation (1st Battalion, 14th Marines, 5th Division)

Starfleet Headquarters, Medical Command

+Breen attack on Earth

*Starfleet Medal of Valor

*Kragite Order of Heroism

USS Nelson

*Ribbon for Meritorious Service

*Golden Nova Medal
USS Salk

USS Pasteur

USS Nobel

USS Denver

Starfleet Enlisted Instructor, Medical Command, Special Operations - Search and Rescue and Independent Duty Medical Corpsman school

USS Beowulf

Starfleet Training:

Starfleet Technical Services Academy (Medical – Corpsman)

Star Fleet Marine Corps Marine Combat Training course

Starfleet Marine Corps Field Medical Service School

Foundational Leader Development Course (FLDC)

Starfleet Search and Rescue Medical Technician School

Patient Administration Course (PAC)

Intermediate Leader Development Course (ILDC)

Clinic Management Course (CMC)

Advanced Leader Development Course (ALDC)

Advanced Medical Department Enlisted Course (AMDEC)

Starfleet Independent Medical Corpsman School

Executive Medical Department Enlisted Course (EMDEC)