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Major Grayson Drake

Name Grayson Drake

Position Marine Battalion Commanding Officer

Rank Major


Permission Level Department Head

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 250lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Grayson has dark hair and keeps it quite short, despite his Mother’s insistence that it looks better longer. He has brown eyes, hazel in colour but prefers the look of green/blue eyes. His skin is ever so slightly tanned and in recent years he has taken to wearing a full beard.


Spouse Patrick Chambers (Dec'd)
Children N/A
Father Jonathan Drake
Mother Beatrice Drake
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family RAdm Titus Drake (estranged)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Grayson has always loved to have a laugh and a joke, sometimes going too far. Since the loss of his partner his sense of humour was another causality. He has always prided
himself on his intelligence although some of this pride is perhaps
slightly misplaced, he has always excelled in academic subjects and has
always preferred them to the manual, more strenuous tasks like
engineering. Grayson used to be incredibly outgoing and loved to be around
people … again, this has changed since the death of Patrick. He
has a strong dislike of sports but enjoys the holodeck enormously. He has
a strong interest in ship design, something he would have liked to look a
bit more deeply into at the Academy. He finds how starship design has
changed over the years, fascinating. By the same hand of the
cards though he finds all but recent history very boring and quite
useless. Grayson is, for all intents and purposes, quite a walking
contradiction in many aspects of his life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Through his training Grayson has become proficient in most types of
weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. He also has a passion for ship design
and configuration and enjoys research into the history of Starfleet.
Engineering is not a strong point of his, nor the sciences - not to
say that he is ignorant of them, simply doesn't quite understand as
fluently as he perhaps should do.
Ambitions Before Patrick's death Grayson wanted to move up the ranks as high as
possible and be commanding his own ship before he was 30 - with the help
of his Uncle, a Rear-Admiral, this seemed absolutely possible. However
after the tragic accident involving his partner, he feels no desire to
progress any further in Starfleet and is no longer even sure he wishes to remain in the service. He does so out of a fear of simply fading away and doing nothing else, if not.
Hobbies & Interests Grayson very much enjoys shooting and can often be found on some target
range or another on the holodeck. He has a strong passion for reading and
music alike, which he loves listening to with friends. He is very much
interested in the history of ship design and configuration and how
everything, not just weapons, have developed over the history of
Starfleet. Once again, however, since the death of Patrick... these have

Personal History Pre-Academy History
Grayson grew up between central London and the outskirts of Hampshire,
coming from a very traditional family. His parents were quietly adverse to
him entering into Starfleet, as they always envisioned him going into law,
which was what he initially studied. He decided that Starfleet held much
more promise for him whilst he was still reading the law, but didn't
inform his parents until he was ready to leave mid-way through the course.
Likewise he knew what field he wanted to specialise in quite a while
before he applied to the Academy. His application was accepted faster than
he had anticipated and he was away. Grayson's Uncle was a career officer in
Starfleet and had just reached the rank of Rear-Admiral when his
application was accepted. Despite his parents denying it he strongly
believes, to this day, that it was his doings that pushed the application
through. People assume that his Uncle is quietly behind the curtain pulling the strings! In years previous he would have argued the point but in more recent years, since his change in personality, he realises this was most probably the case.

Academy History
Grayson struggled in some aspects of the Academy, namely engineering and
strangely enough science. He didn't enjoy engineering because he found it
quite taxing and it held little interest for him. The field of science
though quite bored him he never quite understood the science position in
Starfleet as, it seemed to him, other departments filled in and made up
what the science department on any starship, actually did.

Post-Academy History
2381 - After graduating from the Academy he found his first posting on
board the Galaxy Class Starship, USS Liberation. When application for
field promotions came around he applied to the Liberation for two simple
reasons he liked the Galaxy Class and the name of the ship was his
Grandfather's middle name, simply in English instead of Latin (Libertas).
His parents thought he took his posting too seriously, but Grayson always
believed they lacked a little something when it came to dealing with him
and they didn't quite understand that there simply wasn't that much choice
when applying for an officer position on board an active starship.

2382 - He served on the Liberation for a year he found that the crew,
especially the senior officers, were very set in their ways and had all
been on board for many years. Being a young officer, promotion was
important to him. He decided to transfer for give his promotional
prospects more of a chance.

He applied for a transfer to the USS Jakarta, an Akira Class Starship.
Unfortunately the new start he had envisioned didn't quite turn out as he
had planned. The Senior Staff were all war-toughened, middle-aged men who
viewed someone so young coming into their senior staff as an intrusion. He
didn't get on with any of them and took solace from befriending NCO's or
more junior officers. He would spend many a night with them, perhaps
stepping over the boundaries of officer-subordinate relationship,
sometimes. He couldn't ignore his duties all the time though and because
of his unhappiness on the Jakarta his career was suffering. He decided
that enough was enough and after a mere six months, he applied for another

2385 Drake was now only 27 but already a Lieutenant Colonel, his time on the
USS Jakarta had taught him a secondary lesson, of sorts, on the impact of
what war could do. Obviously never serving in the Dominion War, being only
15 at the time, he couldn't envision what it must have been like however
he saw first hand what it done to the officers who did serve in it.

Grayson was in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend, Patrick.
Patrick was what made his life however for some reason his career always
came first to him. This wasn't a conscious decision but given the choice,
Starfleet always came first.
In the years since his graduation he had had to put up with a lot of stick
from fellow officers about his Uncles position within Starfleet he always
maintained that his promotions were from his own hard work he did,
however, question sometimes how he had achieved his promotions in only a
few years secretly he knew, deep down, that his uncle must have had a hand
in it even if it wasn't first hand.

Late 2385 also saw the death of Patrick - a freak shuttle accident had
happened at home on Earth. Grayson was due to be on shore leave the day it
took place, but chose to put it back by only a couple of days to catch up
on work before he started relaxing. This threw him into a surreal state of
depression he was put on extended leave from Starfleet and completely
broke down. He blamed himself for the accident. He blamed himself for not
being there. After six months of this trauma, something changed in him he
was ready to resume his Starfleet career, however he now turned this
passion and absolute loyalty in Starfleet for a hatred for the
organisation he was no longer the young, happy, duty-bound officer that he
once was.

However, Starfleet... or rather his uncle... didn't share his opinion that
he was fit to return to duty. Instead of returning to the Line Ships that
he had loved and served on, he was assigned to a starbase. This was fine by him, he no longer had the passion and drive that he once had for Starfleet… for life in general. This was simply a stop-gap designed to keep him occupied until he decided on when to leave the service and what to do next.
Service Record 2376 - Applied to Starfleet Academy for Marine Tactical Officer

2381 (Early) - Graduated from Starfleet Academy specialising in; Ship
Design and Configuration; Tactical Combat Manuevers; Weapons Configuration
and Command. Assigned USS Liberation - Marine Officer - weaponry - 1st
Lieutenant. 1st Class Graduation in all areas.

2382 (Late) - Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and Marine Executive Officer
Officer - USS Liberation.

2383 - Promoted to Captain for performance on USS Liberation and
transferred to Akira Class, USS Jakarta.

2384 (Early) - Promoted to Major for position of Chief Security/Tactical
Officer on board the Sovereign Class Flagship, USS Sovereign.

2385 (Early) - Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel for position of Executive Officer on
board the Nebula Class vessel, USS Ronnau.

2385 (Middle) - Considered for Commanding Officer, USS Ronnau in light of
CO's Retirement.

2385 (Late) – Compassionate leave granted - death of spouse,
Patrick Chambers.

2388 - Assigned as _______. Voluntary Demotion to ____________