Lieutenant JG Jorek Tidwell

Name Jorek Tidwell

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


Permission Level Crew

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8''
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Jorek is quite muscular and stocky for his size. Typically considered one of the shorter of the bunch, Jorek's body structure is very flexible. He keeps his hair cut short and is clean shaven. He has a tattoo across his back depicting two velociraptors, from the neck up, in an 'X' pattern. He does not sport the "pointed ears" as typical of those with Vulcan ancestry.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jacen Tidwell (Human)
Mother T'Vel (Vulcan/Human)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None of note

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jorek is most definitely more human than Vulcan, but he did pick up some good and bad characteristics from both sides. He's very logical minded and does well under immediate pressure, but when things don't work out as he anticipates, he occasionally gets frustrated. He has a handle on his emotions, but more so in that he has chosen to experience them and let them be part of his life. He typically does not immediately step forward to be the leader, tending to be one who works behind the scenes, but on occasion he has stepped up and done the job. He likes to get his work done and then spend time building quality relationships. He is a people person.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Logical minded
+People person
+Emotionally Stable (for the most part)

-Gets frustrated as time goes on
-Sometimes too humble for his own good
:: He has a somewhat restricted telepathic ability in that he can perform mind melds with a certain amount of focus, but prefers not to bother unless it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, no other telepathic or empathic abilities.
:: He is proficient with all methods of combat as trained by Starfleet. He also is proficient in several forms of martial arts, as well as close combat weapons training.
:: He has a basic level of understanding of most of the sciences, but he typically gets frustrated with them and therefore chooses to not pursue that academic frivolities.
:: He is a capable pilot as set forth by Starfleet Academic rigors.
Ambitions Eventually, Adam would like to have a family, though for the time being, he is more focused on his career. He doesn't have the typical aspirations one would expect. He prefers to let opportunities present themselves and he will choose based on present options. He's not above rising through the ranks though.
Hobbies & Interests :: Holodeck simulations involving war scenarios from the histories of many cultures.
:: Studying logic and philosophy.
:: Dancing, ballroom and other.
:: Trying cuisine from around the galaxy.

Personal History Jorek was born on Vulcan in 2361. At the time, his mother was a xenobiologist with the Vulcan Science Academy, while his father, from Earth and a professional martial artist, was studying with a Vulcan master. During the first six years of his childhood, Jorek lived solely on Vulcan, being taught by Vulcan teachers. Academically, he developed quite quickly. As he grew, Jorek began to have an aptitude for the Sciences. He was most interested in Astronomy at an early age, a hobby his mother approved of. Going into the Vulcan variant of secondary school, he also took a liking to physics. This served him well as he cultivated an interest to explore the galaxy. When he came of age, he applied to join Starfleet and applied to the academy. He was granted entrance on his first attempt.

At the academy, Jorek majored in the sciences, focusing in Astrophysics and planetary geology. He earned high marks in his coursework throughout his time there and and graduated in the allotted four years. After earning his commission, Jorek was assigned to the USS Recovery, a science vessel sent to chart the Mogi Nebula. A six month task, Jorek found himself happy with the assignment, of course, being in his chosen field. He primarily analyzed any type of celestial body that they came across in the nebula.

Jorek spent two years on the Recovery and was transferred to the Galaxy class USS Serendipity. As a general science officer, he participated in a variety of experiments and exercises, which included some medical research, which was a pleasant change to his usual activities. Four years on the Serendipity led him to short stint aboard Deep Space Seven, where he participated in a
year long research study involving planetary shift. His work, along with that of his colleagues, was widely recognized as cutting edge in the field.

As of 2391, he has been assigned to Starbase 80.
Service Record 2379-2383: Starfleet Academy

2383-2385: USS Recovery, Science Officer

2385-2389: USS Serendipity, Science Officer

2389-2390: Deep Space Seven, Science Officer

2390-2391: USS Serendipity, Science Officer

2391- : Starbase 80