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Lieutenant Vilgi Morr

Name Vilgi Morr

Position Chief Logistics and Materials Officer

Rank Lieutenant


Permission Level Department Head

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5"1'
Weight 151kg
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Blue & Bald (Obviously), gold coloured eyes, he has a stocky build al the more so as most of his early career involved moving things around, arms are covered in minor scars from heat and electrical burns from later repair assingments. Dress code-wise, on duty he has high standards and will try to show up for duty shifts with a near immaculate uniform, but accepts the because of the nature of his work it wont be in the same state by the end. Off duty his is more relaxed but the neat, clean, habits spill through.


Spouse Wann (Separated)

Personality & Traits

General Overview An odd mix of reticence and confidence. His years of struggling with anything academic had a knock on effect to other aspects in his life causing a large amount of self-doubt which most often becomes apparent when faced with the unknown or with a situation where he is not entirely sure of the solution. Conversely his training and experiences with the fleet have ingrain in him the need to be decisive, this need became particularly apparent as he climbed the ranks, to a point that when he is sure of something absolutely nothing can dissuade him from the course of action he has decided on.

Strengths & Weaknesses +A hands-on learner and teacher. The way Vilgi prefers to operate and his most effect way of taking in and imparting information and skills, have led to an on-the-job approach to almost everything. An approach that is in fact valued by Department heads and Commanding officers, as it involves personnel spending more time doing things and so increases productivity and efficiency with in departments.    

+ A People person. Vilgi is happiest when he’s around people and interacting with them. He tend to a quite open person is always looking to start and develop new relationships both personally and professionally and has a knack for remembering details about people. This has been a great help professionally quite early on in his career he was called upon when issues of an inter-departmental nature cropped up, his knack for details about people translated to details of departments needs.

Personal History History

Born on Bolaris IX in the year 2356 to a large family an older brother and sister with a younger brother to follow a few years later. His father and his uncle like several of his family generations served in starfleet his father as enlisted man, his uncle served and continue to serve as an officer. On leaving he started up a family run transport business specializing in rapid inter-planetary transit of sensitive packages. This was the environment that Vilgi grew up in one of spacecraft and flight plans and inventories.

It was the Dominion war had the biggest effect on him he was coming up to leaving education and stepping out into the world when it broke out.

His father temporally re-enlisted and donated all his company assets in to the Fleet including the use of the small yard for transport drops during the Bolian operation. Vilgi himself, being late teens and eligible, signed up to the civilian volunteer group that augmented the starfleet assets deployed there specifically in the 'Bolian Operation'. Mostly tasked with clean up and helping with supplies, and civilian repairs.

Then everything changes his parents were arrested and charged with fraud and war profiteering. The had been skimming supplies, equipment , etc, they were responsible for and then selling and pocketing the rest. The company was seized permanently and folded into one of the larger transport firms.

Vilgi and his older brother took responsibility for their two younger siblings, this was how ever the beginning of the rift between the two, although he felt it just the older brother was angry with star fleet foe putting them all in that position in the first place. When Vilgi anouncced his intention to join Starfleet, the argument was a huge one things were said by both that were not easy to take back, Vilgi left and the pair have never spoken since.

For all this Vilgi was an average student, no where near good enough to get into university or the academy, a point he was forced to concede after four failed attempts at the entrance exam. It was at that point a his uncle attempted to steer him on to the enlisted track

Signed up in 2375 as an operations crewman focusing on logistics and supply the very thing that he’d seen the crewmen doing back home, as well as basic repair skills for damage control duties. His first posting was aboard starbase 277. He spent the first few months just getting used to life on starbase. Then a pandemic disease flared up on a federation protectorate in the starbases control zone, decimating the population there, the starbase was assigned to co-ordinate the relief effort, Vilgi was assigned as an extra hand on the shuttle prep-teams, this gave him an idea of the different types of shuttles. Some time after his shift an idea popped in to Vilgi’s head. Reticent about coming forward with an untried idea he spent the next four hours researching, only when he was satisfied the idea had a solid base did he approach the Bo’ sun with a suggestion about to convert the type-5 cargo shuttle as a medic-transport. During the talk through of his idea, questions were asked one such as why it had taken him so long to come forward with the idea, Vilgi’s honest reply was a turning point in his career, the Bo’ sun seeing potential changed his shift pattern ensuring he reported to one of his Bo’ sun Mate’s with a more hands on way of teaching.