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Lieutenant Commander Maurelle Valentine

Name Maurelle Valentine

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


Permission Level Department Head

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 125 Lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Maurelle is a curvaceous female of average height and weight. She has red hair which spans to her shoulders contrasted by her deep green eyes and ruby red lips.


Spouse Vladimir Valentine (Deceased)
Children None
Father Konstantin Tarasenko
Mother Alexis Tarasenko
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Natalya Tarasenko - Counselor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maurelle was once an outgoing, social person with an innate curiosity to explore her horizons and study the unknown. However she became much more secluded and developed a cynic attitude upon the death of her husband Vladimir. She now immerses herself in her career while secretly longing for the companionship she lost with Vladimir.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent
+ Observant

- Stubborn
- Cynical
- Hopeless Romantic
Ambitions Ascend through the ranks of Starfleet and explore the unknown.
Hobbies & Interests - Music

Personal History Maurelle Valentine (nee Tarasenko) was born in the year 2364 to Konstantin and Alexis Tarasenko in Stalingrad, Russia on earth. Her upbringing was that of a traditional Russian girl with an immense focus and pressure placed on her education and appearance. Being part of a class akin to the Marxist bourgeoisie, it was important for Maurelle to look and conduct herself in a manner appropriate to her social stature.

However in school Maurelle would often struggle with the structured curriculum offered in her country which did not allow much to the imagination. She would often question the curriculum and be scolded accordingly. In the end, Maurelle would often back down at the pressure and threats of disownment from her parents.

As she grew older her desire for knowledge and her imagination became stronger and she wished to expand beyond the borders of Russia to see what the limits of her imagination were and how far they could be expanded, as such at the age of eighteen she joined Starfleet Academy as an Intelligence cadet.

Her first year in the Academy would be one of wonder and joy for Maurelle as she immersed herself in her studies and displayed a keen interest in even the most basic subjects within the academy. This is where her instructors noticed her suitability to the branch as the desire for information collection was exactly what Intelligence wished to see from their cadets being the branch's basic function. During their testing Maurelle was noted for paying specific attention to detail and to place great importance for understanding what and why scenarios played out to a certain result and how the result could have been improved.

Her desire to expand her capabilities did not dimish in her latter years at the Academy. Maurelle would not only continue to display her keen interest in information collection but also a willingness and ability to utilize the resources and assets around her to better assist her in the task. Once again this placed Maurelle near the top of her class.

After four years in the Academy, Maurelle graduated with honours and was assigned to the USS Sunstrider as an Intelligence Officer.

As an ensign aboard the USS Sunstrider, Maurelle was excited to embark on her first long term exploration into space. The Sunstrider's mission during her tour of duty was to investigate rumours of a coup within the Klingon empire, one of the Federation's longest and strongest allies. The coup apparently centred around the subjugation of the empire was believed to be spearheaded by the house of Kael'thas, a warrior openly pledging loyalty to the chancellor while secretly plotting his demise. The Sunstrider would be required to collect evidence on the Kael'thas house and provide hard evidence to the klingon high council of the coup.

With the help of Maurelle, the Intelligence department was able to uncover the coup of the house and the Klingon Empire was able to bring justice to the traitor Kael'thas. Three years later Maurelle was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned to the USS Georgia as the Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer.

It was aboard the USS Georgia that Maurelle met her future husband Vladimir Valentine. Vladimir served as a security officer and the two met during a social gathering in the ship's lounge. It was love at first sight just as Maurelle had predicted she would first fall for a man. The two would serve together on various away missions and bond through shared mission experiences and social gatherings. Eventually their relationship would blossom into a marriage two years later.

Following their tour of duty on the Georgia both Vladimir and Maurelle would be reassigned to the USS Atlantic.

The USS Atlantic was assigned to the Romulan Neutral Zone to monitor activity in the area for any threats to the federation. One particular area of concern was the Devron system where it was believed the romulans were once again experimenting with the lethal Thaleron radiation.

During an away mission on a planet in the system, the team Maurelle and Vladimir were placed on was attacked by a group of Tal'Shiar operatives whom had become aware of their presence. During the ensuing combat, Vladimir was killed in the crossfire in her arms. Maurelle's spirit was destroyed that day and she became resentful of her Executive Officer blaming him for Vladimir's death citing careless and reckless actions.

Seeing as Maurelle had performed exceptionally prior to the incident and with the blessing from Starfleet and the Chief Counselor. Maurelle was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to Starbase 80 as the Chief Intelligence Officer.
Service Record 2361: Born
2379-2383: Starfleet Academy - Intelligence Officer, Cadet
2383-2386: USS Sunstrider - Intelligence Officer, Ensign
2386-2389: USS Georgia - Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer, Lt (JG)
2389-2391: USS Atlantic - Chief Intelligence Officer, Lt
2391-Present: Starbase 80 - Chief Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant