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Lieutenant Carl Baumann

Name Carl Hans Baumann

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


Permission Level Crew

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft.
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Baumann what is affectionately called Rugged; he has the body toned from long hours of physical labor. His blue eyes are often called piercing while his voice is more of a bass. He sports medium length hair and sometimes a well groomed beard depending on the season. He has a scar on his left leg from a Stinger from a Manta Ray and a blade wound in his left shoulder that left a scar. He is often slightly tanned due to joyous times in the sun on the deck of a ship.


Spouse N/A
Father Hans
Mother Olga
Sister(s) Heidi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Baumann is a loyal man to his friends and intensely protective of his crew. He loves the sea and the creatures that are within them in all their forms. Some say he is happier under the sea than above it. He can be quite short if he sees incompetence but is a level tempered man of science. His crew and ship are all to him and more than family; they are one in purpose.

He is a driven man who is cool under pressure; be it the sea or situation. He thinks outside conventional science; exploring oceans of the galaxy rather than the stars. HE knows his place in the scheme of things and is not afraid to go where he feels lead to go. Always mindful of his surrounds and situation in a calculating way; he tends to see danger coming and like a storm readies himself for it.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal to his crew and ship
+ Thinks unconventionally
+ Follows Scientific methods to the letter
+Cool headed man.
+ Dedicated to tasks and seeing them through.

-dislikes idiotcy.
-Can be cold when on a task
-Strong temper when pushed
-Does not back down from a fight
-Obsessive with experiments or explorations
Ambitions To explore the Oceans of the Galaxy
Hobbies & Interests Study/ research
Deep sea diving
Dead reckoning
Whittling/ sculpting
Gourmet cooking.
Firearms of ages
Swashbuckling Tales

Personal History Carl Baumann is a man of the sea; his father was an Earth Oceanic Scientist, his mother a Marine Biologist. He learned at an early age to swim before he could walk; always wisked around the world he had the whole Earth as a study hall. His parents were types of Treasure hunters as a hobby; with all the modern detection devices it was far easier to find things but understanding was still of the mind.

Baumann did not fly shuttles but sailed boats and small ships from the age of ten; always able to navigate on the waves and a remarkable swimmer he was able to ‘Deep Free Dive and hold his breath for long periods. This helped him with the learning to explore and discover at a young age. He helped log his ‘treasures’ that were not all monetary but also scientific, and with his keen mind had a gift of remembering. Almost what they could call Edic memory and a type of rare of Empathy that came from respecting rather than telepathy. An acute inner ear gave him great balance as well as listening to the sounds around him; his strong hearing was a gift he used.

It was during his ‘home schooling that he excelled and was a very bright young man; though his creative mind needed an outlet and stories of famous sailors; pirates and swashbucklers naturally intrigued him. 20,000 leagues under the sea is among his favorate books as well as the works of Alexander Dumas.

When he came of age he sought to learn science from the Star Fleet academy choosing science as his major; he had a fascination with Xeno Biology with archeology as a second school of study he took some engineering classes to learn how to better get vessels where his studies took him. Research was his passion; he sought to learn all he could and when postings came he was first to be chosen to explore a water dominant world. He took to exploration teams that were based on planets rather than in fast moving starships, his knowledge of oceans and how gravity affected them was second nature to him.

It was discovered that Aquatic Shuttles and how effective they were in exploration but how limited they were as well. He was on a design team that brought up the use of larger vessels and the surface craft were not doing as good a job with deeper waters. Small probes seemed to be the most effective method of exploration. Baumann showed the need for craft adapted to explore aquatic worlds for long durations of time while shuttle had access they did not allow the living conditions conducive to excavations and other Deep Sea Exploration long term. Two years it took him to convince the powers that be the need for an exclusive Vessel to explore the depths of the galaxy’s oceans.

Thus he was able to be a part of the training group to use shuttles and his idea for a Deep Submersible Vessel and how like a starship could function in the depths like a ship in orbit. His conception was readily accepted on a limited scale; one vessel was adapted from old plans of ‘submarines’ with more modern applications and equipment.

Baumann stepped upon the second vessel to come out of this experiment; his vessel the DSV Beagle. A vessel named after the vessel Darwin used in his exploration voyages. The firm that created it consulted with Baumann on the parameters and was given the best sensory equipment as Federation Science Academy approved for use. If shown to be a greater asset more would be contracted. Naturally the first vessel off the line was assigned to Baumann. HE would be the first ‘skipper’ of the new breed of planetary exploration with Sea vessels rather than shuttles.

The Drake was transported to the Planet of Operation by a simple warp Drive. Her modular design helped make it a good sell as it could be rapidly deployed versus the break down and transport of more conventional submersible vessels.

Baumann had made a name for himself in Oceanic exploration; he had the best of all worlds; he was out in the stars exploring his beloved Oceans.

The Privateer Class Deep Submersible Vessel requires minimal support; designed to augment a small science station or Camp is her major design.

Service Record Academy STudy
USS Herbron (Science )
USS Keplar Science
USS Midas/ Science
Morrell Industrial Design (Consultant)
USS Irwin Allen (Science Officer)
USS Moscow (Gamma Lead)
DSV Beagle (Commanding Officer)