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Lieutenant Commander Emiko Oda

Name Emiko Oda

Position Chief Combat Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


Permission Level Department Head

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 98 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Emiko looks extremely young for her age, easily passing for a teenager from a distance, and for mid to late 20s up close. She is short, thin and considered pretty by Asian standards, though she has that 1,000 yard stare that many long-serving combat veterans and police officers develop when they see a bit too much.


Spouse Akira Saito, Deceased
Children Daughter Akiko Saito (21), Newly commissioned ensign
Son Akira Oda (18), First year academy cadet
Father Nobusada Oda (83), Retired Starfleet officer
Mother Etsuko Kimura (86), Retired Starfleet Officer
Brother(s) Nobuhiko Oda (43), Starfleet Officer
Sister(s) Akemi Oda (40), Starfleet Officer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emiko is a long-serving Starfleet veteran who saw combat duty at Wolf 359, the Jem-Hadar incursion of 2370 and the duration of the Dominion War. After 2370 and the death of her husband, she left active duty and went into the fleet reserves, and served as a police detective in her native Osaka.

Her youngest son now an adult and away at Starfleet Academy, Emiko had her commission reinstated and can finally pursue her destiny.

Emiko was born 1,000 years too late. She is very traditional Japanese from an old Samurai family.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Extreme dexterity and fitness. Emiko has been training at a borderline masochistic level in sword and unarmed combat styles as well as gymnastics since early childhood.

Exceptional martial skills.

High pain tolerance.


Strict honor code (Bushido)

Intolerance of bureaucracy and those who practice it
Ambitions To achieve enlightenment and tranquility
Hobbies & Interests Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement

Personal History Emi is the oldest of three children, all of whom went into Starfleet. While always the most athletic, Emi was never the academic that her brother and sister were, which is why she ended up in security while they were all in the sciences.

Her early career was a veritable whirlwind tour, with Emiko always seemingly where the action was. She was on the USS Saratoga at Wolf 359 as a young ensign and like the other 42 survivors was lucky to escape with her life. Her next ship, the USS Lexington, was where she met her husband Akira Saito, and the couple had a daughter, Akiko, in 2369. Since the Lexington was not equipped to handle families, the couple and their newborn were transferred to the Galaxy-class USS Odyssey, with Emiko promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned as the ship’s chief of security.

The happiness was short-lived, with the Odyssey attacked and destroyed by the Jem’Hadar near DS9 in 2370. Akira was one of the many casualties, and an 8-months pregnant Emiko and 2-year-old daughter Akiko were again lucky to escape with their lives. Emiko deactivated her commission and mustered out to reserve service, moving back to Japan. One month later her son was born, named Akira for his late father, and six months later Emiko applied and was accepted as a police officer for the Osaka Prefectural Police Department, putting her Starfleet experience and training to use without pulling her young children across the galaxy and into harm’s way.

Emiko’s police service was exemplary as her Starfleet service had been with her making Sergeant in 2373, but her new supervisory role was cut short when she was recalled to active duty with the commencement of the Dominion War. Now a Lieutenant Commander, she served with distinction as chief of security on the USS Lexington, the same ship were she had met her husband 6 years before. At war’s end, however, Emiko had had enough and resigned her commission completely, devoting herself to her children, her aging parents and her increasing responsibilities as a police Sergeant, later detective and ultimately lieutenant.

Everything was finally calm in her life, but when her son Akira, now 18-years-old and a first year cadet at Starfleet academy himself and with her daughter Akiko, 22, already an ensign and science officer on a starship, Emiko started to find Japan a very lonely place. After placing some calls to her former commanding officers and colleagues, Emiko’s commission was reinstated at the rank of Lieutenant Commander and she was assigned to Starbase 80 as chief of combat operations.

Special Notes: Emiko is from an old and prestigious Samurai family with none other than 16th century warlord Nobunaga Oda (famous for ALMOST unifying Japan before his vassal Hideyoshi assassinated him and finished the job) as a distant, though direct ancestor. Despite her age of 46, Emiko’s Asian genetics and extreme physical fitness result in her looking at most 27-years-old and from a distance far younger.

She is also extremely muscular for someone with such a slender build and is far stronger than she looks, approaching many men in strength and stronger than the vast majority of women.

While very much attuned to her Japanese culture, it is in Japan’s martial traditions that Emiko truly excelled. She has mastered her family’s unique forms of Karate and Kenjutsu (swordsmanship) and while she has never competed or been trained outside of her family (no “belts”), she is exceptionally skilled and dangerous with blades or unarmed, not to mention with the tools of her profession as a Starfleet security officer and civilian police detective.

Emiko is more than just a fighter, she is an experienced criminal investigator with more than 40 successful homicide investigations leading to either successful apprehension of the suspect, or his/her death.

Finally, as a Starfleet veteran of the Dominion War, the horrific losses at Wolf 359, the destruction of her ship by the Jem’Hadar, not to mention years working homicide in Osaka, Emiko is unfazed by blood and has that “1,000 yard stare” that many soldiers and marines tend to develop after too long in the trenches.

Emiko’s husband died on board the Odyssey (which was destroyed by the Jem’Hadar), and following his loss Emiko mustered out of Starfleet in 2370, deciding that a starship was no place to raise her son and daughter as a single parent. Emiko returned to Japan where she was quickly hired by the Osaka Prefectural Police Department, though she remained a reserve officer in Starfleet.

Osaka Prefectural Police Department, 2370-2373
USS Repulse (fleet reserve vessel), Chief of Security, Lieutenant 2370-2373

Mobilization for Dominion War:
In 2373 the Federation and the Dominion went to war, and as a reservist Emiko was mobilized to active duty. Her children remained behind in Japan in the care of their grandparents, while Emiko was assigned back to the USS Lexington where she had served early in her career.

USS Lexington, Lieutenant Commander, Chief of Security 2373-2375

Return to Civilian Life:
Emiko fully mustered out of Starfleet after the war, resigning her commission and returning to her job with the Osaka police, where she rose to the rank of Detective Sergeant and eventually lieutenant.

Osaka Prefectural Police Departmemnt, 2375-2391

Return to Starfleet:
When her son entered Starfleet academy in 2391 Emiko was now alone, her parents having passed in 2385 and 2389 respectively. Her daughter was a newly commissioned Starfleet ensign in the science branch, and so at age 46 Emiko called in a few favors and had her commission reinstated at the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Starbase 80, Lieutenant Commander, Chief of Combat Operations 2391- ????
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2362-2366

USS Saratoga, Ensign, Assistant Security Officer 2366-2367 (ship lost at Wolf 359)

USS Lexington, Lieutenant JG, Assistant Security Officer 2367-2368

USS Odyssey, Lieutenant, Chief of Security 2368-2370 (ship lost to Jem’Hadar at DS9)

USS Lexington, Lieutenant Commander, Chief of Security 2373-2375

Starbase 80, Lieutenant Commander Chief of Combat Operations, 2391-???

Purple Heart X2, Wolf 359 Presidential Unit Citation USS Saratoga, Dominion War Service Medal