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Lieutenant Jason Solaris

Name Jason Kyle Solaris

Position Assistant Director of Flight Operations

Rank Lieutenant


Permission Level Crew

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 185 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Though Jason has the bearing and build of any respectable, fit Starfleet officer, it all seems a little hastily put together, as though he hasn't grown back into his own skin. Hints of age are only just beginning to show around the edges, whether from time or from stress; his bearing is generally friendly, if a little reserved.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Anders Solaris
Mother Misako Solaris, née Brownlow
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Cpt. Takahashi Brownlow, CO USS Dublin, uncle
Barbara Brownlow, aunt (by marriage)
Famke Solaris, aunt
Maj. Faye Solaris, MCO USS Weatherby, aunt
Sanne Solaris, cousin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jason was fiery, hands-on, and a natural leader as he originally worked his way up from the Academy, and hints of that temperament still bleed through his façade as he has aged. After an extended time away from Starfleet, however, Solaris has returned with a more reserved, conservative approach, more pragmatic about risks and sometimes bypassing an important opportunity in favor of a wiser one -- not an approach he always feels comfortable with, but with his return to active service, the only foot he's willing to put forward.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Jason can process multiple streams of incoming information and act on them simultaneously -- in short, he's a superb multitasker and can sift through and prioritize the things that need his attention rapidly.

Jason has developed a good demeanor for speaking to others, and has a natural talent for personnel management, coordination, and, though he's currently loathe to admit it, command.

Weaknesses: With the near-loss of his previous CO and close friend, Jason has become more withdrawn, and still feels somewhat reluctant if willing to participate with Starfleet; he prefers to be more conservative, avoid risks, and tries to defer the more difficult decisions to those higher up the ladder from him -- less a deflection of responsibility than a hesitancy to have an impact.

Jason studiously avoids any command-level responsibilities that he can, and in doing so, will often overwork himself in other areas of responsibility in an attempt to compensate for what he sees as his own lackings.
Ambitions At one time, the former Cadet Jason Solaris saw his future laid out: piloting, away operations, strategic and tactical work, executive work with personnel, and perhaps, someday, his own command -- when he was ready...though, as youth often do, he saw himself as nearly ready as he was.

Now, Jason just wants to find a place for himself doing good amongst the stars again, to rekindle his own spark and capture some of that feeling of adventure and strength and derring-do that he once had. He's here to honor someone else's wishes and memory, and, more importantly, to try and salvage a life that he has begun to see as wasted and lost.
Hobbies & Interests Jason is an avid reader and occasional holodeck adventurer, preferring wild tales of intergalactic mystery or low-tech, adventurous heroes - his own form of escapism. Though he has considered trying to write, he hasn't tried creating anything in years.

Jason was also a frequent player of soccer at the Academy, but played less frequently after falling out of shape and leaving Starfleet. Spurred by others in his training and readmittance program, he has tentatively begun to play again, primarily as a defender and keeper.

Personal History Jason Solaris would be the first to tell you that little was exceptional about his upbringing; born in Melbourne in 2350 to a pair of hardworking civilian sector parents, Jason was the child of Anders, an engineer, and Misako, a talented pilot. For work purposes, the family moved around a fair amount, and with the oft-changing nature of their lives, opted not to have any additional children; Jason grew up opinionated, headstrong, and often determined to get his way, but also with a fascination for new cultures, new places, and new ideas.

With an aunt and uncle from each side of his family serving in Starfleet, the idea came to Jason rather young that a career there might serve him well. Though his Aunt Faye pushed for him to enlist with the Marines, his Uncle Taka won out; the then-Lt.-Commander Brownlow, now the Chief Science Officer on the USS Erudition, was studying for his bridge certification tests, and Jason was captured by the thrill and curiosity of it all that his uncle spun in tales.

Joining Starfleet Academy in 2368, he graduated in 2372 as a pilot nearly as talented as his mother, with additional concentrations in tactical and command track work, and was assigned to Flight Control aboard the USS Agamemnon. Aboard the Agamemnon, he served with skill, but after a long-term and slowly growing professional disagreement in operating philosophy between himself and the Agamemnon's Chief Flight Control Officer, he respectfully requested a transfer, which was granted.

In 2375, Ensign Solaris was transferred to the USS Proxima under Commander Samantha Lee, quickly earning a promotion to Lieutenant, junior grade; unfortunately, the Proxima's days were numbered, and after an extensive conflict found the Proxima being evacuated and destroyed, Lieutenant Solaris found himself unsure of his next position.

Lee was assigned to the newly-completed Starbase Obsidian, a Stardock-class station in orbit around the Loki star, and with the founding of the Obsidian Fleet in 2376, the now-Captain Lee, Solaris, and several members of the former Proxima crew found themselves taking over a much grander position working aboard the primary station for the new Fleet's many ships.

By 2377, Solaris was a Lieutenant and Chief FCO for the base, coordinating the busy station's many comings and goings with aplomb; by 2379, with Romulan activity buzzing through the Federation and things moving tensely and quickly, Solaris found himself promoted to Lieutenant Commander on Lee's field authority and placed into the position of Executive Officer. Working together, Solaris and Lee formed a strong bond, Solaris coming to see Lee as a mentor and close friend.

Then, the unimaginable. Lee was diagnosed with a rare, quickly-spreading, and potentially terminal condition, and within weeks was transferred for further study and treatment to Starfleet Medical on Earth. The amount of time? Indeterminate.

It was 2381. Jason Solaris had all of nine years of experience, two in any form of command...and suddenly, he was the commanding officer of Starbase Obsidian.

For all the trust Lee had placed in him and all the rapport he had with the station's crew, he wasn't ready for the amount of stress and activity command of the station put on him, and despite a few successful operations, a scant year later the station had failed and was on the road to decommission -- an astounding turnaround, and one that haunts Solaris to this day.

After disciplinary action and a reduction to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, Solaris was given the option to continue his service in Starfleet -- and declined. Leaving the service, he floated from planet to planet, occasionally working as a pilot, before settling on Earth again in 2384 with every intention of staying there.

Weighed by his own shame, he drifted for a while, finding occasional work where he could, and blaming himself almost unrealistically for the end result of Starbase Obsidian...until he received an unexpected communique.

Samantha Lee was alive, and part of the Admiralty, and while she was no longer assigned to Obsidian, she wanted him back helping the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

So it was that, grudgingly at first, an older, marginally wiser, and much more reserved Jason Solaris found himself a part of Starfleet again, actively requesting a demotion in his recommissioning and trying to rekindle a prematurely-ended Starfleet career for...he wasn't sure what. Something was missing, and Admiral Lee had seen fit to offer it back to him, but whether he was here just to work, to explore, to assist, to learn, to command -- certainly not to command, he swore to himself, though a little part of him disagreed and he knew it -- he had found himself back in a Starfleet uniform, and with any luck, on the path to finding out.
Service Record 2368: Enters Starfleet Academy.
2372: Graduates the Academy with a focus in Flight Control, minor emphases in Tactical Operations and Command. Granted rank of Ensign.
2372: Assigned to USS Agamemnon, CO Cpt. Suvika, as Flight Control Officer.
2375: Transferred to USS Proxima, CO Cdr. Samantha Lee, as Flight Control Officer.
2375: Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.
2376: USS Proxima destroyed.
2376: Transferred to Starbase Obsidian, CO Cpt. Samantha Lee, as Asst. Chief Flight Control Officer.
2377: Promoted to Lieutenant, granted position of Chief Flight Control Officer.
2379: Field promotion to Lieutenant Commander, granted position of Executive Officer.
2381: Promotion to Commander, granted position of Commanding Officer after medical leave of Commodore Lee.
2382: Disciplinary action followed by voluntary discharge from Starfleet.
2389: Recommissioned and assigned to Earth for retraining and additional focus.
2390: Assigned to Starbase 80, CO Cdre. Kathleen O’Shea.