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Lieutenant Alexander Trebe

Name Alexander J Trebe MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


Permission Level Command Team

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 3/4 Betazoid, 1/4 Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 172cm
Weight 70kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Alexander is of average height but a bit on the thin side. He has stark black eye and equally dark hair. While he tends to keep it on the longer side, he does go through periods where he keeps his hair short.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Javi Trebe - Deceased
Mother Elli Trebe - Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Elise Harington - Maternal Grandmother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arryn always appears to be well put together and in control even if he always like that on the inside. His father often times told him that you have "fake it till you make it". He works hard to present the right image to the outside world. He is a very different person in and out of the uniform. Arryn is a strong leader as well an accomplished physician. When it comes to his medical opinion he is outspoken and passionate. He leads with his mind in the sickbay making logical and calculated decisions that are always in the patients best interest. But out of uniform, he is often more reserved and keeps to himself. Once he find someone he feels comfortable with, he will warm up and open up to them. He is content with having just a hand full of friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Strong leader and Advocate for his patients, knows and speaks his own mind, disciplined and compassionate.

Weakness: Fear of heights

Personal History Alexander Trebe was born to Javi and Elli Trebe. Javi was a Starfleet Science Officer and Elli was Ship's Counselor on board the USS Chimera. Both of his parents served on board the Chimera with the only son until the Dominion War started. They sent him to live on Earth with his Maternal Grandmother at the age of 10. During a border patrol the Chimera was attacked by Jem'Hedar. The ship was boarded. The crew was able to repel the boarding party with multiple causalities on both sides including Javi and Elli Trebe.

Alexander resided with his grandmother in London until he turned 18 and accepted into Starfleet Academy. Medicine was always a calling for the boy, but it wasn't until he was 16 that he knew Starfleet was where he wanted to be.

During his Academy years, he kept mostly to himself with a couple close friends to rely on. He kept his head down and excelled at the Sciences like biology and microbiology but when it came to all things engineering, he often needed help. He was able to graduate from the Academy in the top 30 percent of his class and moved onto Starfleet Medical for another 4 years of training.

Once in Starfleet Medical, Alexander was in an environment in which he flourished. Graduating in the top 15 percent of his class, he was assigned to the USS Mercy for 2 years. Being on board a hospital ship, the new doctor was able to gain experience in trauma, viral and bacterial infections, mass causality incidents, as well as administration. During his time on the Mercy, he was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant JG.

After the Mercy, Dr. Trebe was assigned to the USS Saladin, a Defiant class starship. Being a medical officer on board a ship like the Saladin was drastically different from that of a hospital ship. As the only Medical Officer on board, Alexander was also assigned as the CMO. Such a small ship with a small crew was not something the doctor was used to. With the ship patrolling the neutral zone, Alexander has a lot of spare time that he devoted to honing his researching skills when he wasn't treating routine injuries and illness. Even with the relatively small lab, he was able to practice skills he learned onboard the Mercy as well as teach himself new skills. About a year after his posting to the Saladin, he was promoted to Lieutenant and posted to the Galaxy Class Starship Iliad.

Again, Alexander needed to adapt to his new environment. He had a ship up to 1000 and much greater medical needs then Saladin. He had to apply everything he had learned as a doctor on the Mercy as well as the Saladin. He more time with the administration of Sickbay as he did seeing and treating patients.

His time spent on the Iliad was time well spent. He learned how to balance time spent as both doctor and as an administrator. Like the time spent on board the Mercy, he gained a wide variety of experiences. When the opportunity came about to serve as the CMO for Starbase 80, Alexander chose to make the transfer. He thought it would be a chance to be in one place for awhile. While he enjoyed seeing the galaxy, he thought it would be nice stay ground in one place atleast for the time being.
Service Record 2379-2380 Cadet First Year Starfleet Academy
2380-2381 Cadet Second Year Starfleet Academy
2381-2382 Cadet Third Year Starfleet Academy
2383-2383 Cadet Fourth year Starfleet Academy

2383-2384 Medical Cadet First Year Starfleet Medical Academy
2384-2385 Medical Cadet Second Year Starfleet Medical Academy
2385-2386 Medical Cadet Third Year Starfleet Medical Academy
2386-2387 Medical Cadet Fourth Year Starfleet Medical Academy

2387-2388 Ensign Medical Officer USS Mercy
2388-2389 Lieutenant JG Medical Officer USS Mercy
2389-2390 Lieutenant JG Medical Officer USS Saladin
2390-2391 Lieutenant Chief Medical Officer USS Iliad

2391- Present Lieutenant Chief Medical Officer - Starbase 80