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Lieutenant JG Arianna D'Tal

Name Arianna McKenzie D'Tal

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG


Permission Level Crew

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Vulcan, 1/4 Human, 1/4 Orion
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Red (Dyed)
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Physical Description Long, straight dark red hair with makeup that gives her a casual gothic appearance. Her skin is tan with a barely noticable green tinge. She bears the look of innocent youth and curiosity, but don't let that fool you.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Darok D'Tal (Presumed dead)
Mother Serenity Star McKenzie (Retired Starfleet)
Brother(s) Aidan D'Tal
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grandfather: Cyrus A. McKenzie (Deceased)
Commander Jasmine Daisuki (Stepmother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Do not let her childlike curiosity fool you. Arianna D'Tal may look sweet and innocent, and she tends to be a shy, closed off person. Under normal circumstances, she is a sweet, respectful young lady who is well behaved. However, if she gets upset, she has a tendency to stand her ground. If she feels threatened while she is upset, she may very quickly become violent to protect herself. If her temper is provoked too far, the results can be a little unpredictable, but rarely out of control.

Arianna is well mannered, and compassionate. She goes out of her way to look out for others, and to help where she can.

As an Officer, Arianna is a bright, dedicated young woman. She will follow almost any order, unless she believes it violates the spirit of the law.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
* Skilled in hand to hand and weapons combat, excells in research.
* Can follow oral, or written instructions to the letter
* Seems decent in the emergency medical field, unless it requires complicated medical procedures (such as brain surgery)
* Decent pilot
* Knows everything there is to know about Danube class runabouts (including how to build one)

* Has a temper when provoked too far, or threatened.
* A bit rude, when her temper sets in.
* Naive and inexperienced when it comes to matters of love.
Ambitions Arianna hopes to one day follow in her father's foot steps in the Intelligence field.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts
Star-Gazing in the Forward Lounge
Thee-Dimensional Chess (on occasion)
Piloting shuttles, or fighters

Personal History Darok D'Tal , and Serenity Star McKenzie met 15 years ago in a night club on Earth. It was during this chance encounter that both Darok, and Serenity entered Pon Farr. After a one night stand, Darok left the next morning for his next Starfleet assignment.

9 months later, Serenity gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and named her Arianna McKenzie D'Tal, giving her Darok's last name. For the first few years of her life, Arianna was raised by her grandfather while her mother attended Starfleet Academy. Soon after Serenity's graduation from the Academy, the three of them moved to Vulcan where Arianna spent much time learning about her father, Martial Arts, and the Vulcan way.

On Arianna's 10th birthday, the three of them took a trip to Earth. Not long after their arrival, Arianna somehow managed to steal something belonging to a Klingon in a nearby neighborhood. As a result, her home was raided by Klingons looking for her, and the artifact. Arianna hid while she watched as her grandfather was brutally murdered, and her mother was raped, and kidnapped. Arianna barely managed to escape with her own life.

After a thorough investigation, Serenity was presumed dead, and since no one could locate Arianna's father, because he was knee deep in classified missions, she was taken back to Vulcan and put into an orphanage there.

As she grew older, Arianna somehow managed to find her father, and follow his career. She also started having black outs in which she could not remember the things she did. Around her 14th birthday, she was detained in the orphanage's solitary confinement area for causing serious injury to 15 people during one of her black outs.

After she was granted her grandfather's inheritance, she managed to contact her father without anyone knowing. Once she made him aware that she was indeed his daughter, he soon contacted the Vulcan High Command to explain the situation. Within only a few days, Arianna was released into her father's custody onboard the USS Seraphina.

Only a few weeks before they transferred off the Seraphina, Arianna's father performed a mind meld on her which stopped her blackouts. As a result of this mind meld, her memories of events which triggered the blackouts, and the memories of things she did during those blackouts came back to her. Another side effect of this particular mind meld is that one of her crystal blue eyes turned and remained pitch black.

Arianna lived onboard the USS Sentinel with her father until they were transferred off to the USS Discovery. Now, as a result of a technicality during a failed mission 2 years ago, they both live on the USS Merlin where she was given the provisional rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class.

Shortly after boarding the USS Merlin, they headed through the wormhole at Deep Space 9. The explosion of quantum energy from a quantum torpedo fired by the USS Defiant as they entered the wormhole sent them shooting to the other side of the Gamma Quadrant, leaving them stranded 2 years from home.

During the trip home, Arianna was hit hard by the death of her boyfriend, Evan Davies. The resulting depression had her throw herself into her work as her father's Yeoman, and building a shuttle, not to mention some medical work.

Upon their return to the Alpha Quadrant, Starfleet put Arianna through a written test for enlistment as a Non-Commissioned Officer at the request of Starfleet Intelligence when they learned of her provisional Non-Commissioned rank. Upon passing this exam, she was immediately accepted, and officially promoted to the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class.

She was later promoted by her father to Petty Officer 1st class, shortly before transferring to Starbase 80, where she began serving as the Yeoman of the station's new XO, after her father was presumed dead.

While at Starbase 80, Arianna joined the academy, taking classes at the base, before leaving to finish the last half of her academy training.

Her blackouts continued, without memory loss, and triggered mostly by intense fear, anger, or pain. Through therapy, her Academy training, Vulcan meditation techniques, and having to take temporary command of what ultimately turned into a planetary rescue mission, Arianna has gained near Vulcan control over her temper, and has been known to use it to her advantage, in bad situations.

Though rude, and a bit unpredictable when her temper is triggered, it is firmly believed by some of Starfleet's top psychiatrists that Miss D'Tal is no longer a threat to the innocent, and will continue to uphold the laws, and ideals of the Federation.

Once Arianna was on site at the Academy, her true skills began to shine through, and it was discovered that she was an extremely bright, and adept young cadet, with an IQ in the genius range.

She quickly excelled in her academy training, surpassing her class mates with ease. As a result, she completed her training, and was granted graduation 12 months early, at the top of her class.

Upon her graduation, she was informed of multiple requests for an officer with her skills, but it was the request from Starbase 80's Chief Diplomatic Officer that caught her attention, and she jumped on it.

She spent two weeks of off time on various beaches on Earth, before taking her Danube class runabout for a trip out to the Frontier, where she would officially begin her Starfleet career.

At age 24, Arianna received special orders to report directly to the Starbase 122 medical facility, in civilian clothing, and told she would be given further orders on arrival.

For the next two years, she spent her days serving as the Special Aide to the Chief Intelligence Officer of the USS Santiago. During that time, she also volunteered to be specially trained to put her existing skills to better use, turning her into a useful Intelligence Operative.

With her CIO back in good health, and her own training complete, Arianna was promoted to Lieutenant JG, and given the option to transfer. She immediately requested a transfer back to Starbase 80.
Service Record Age 15
- Executive Officer's Yeoman on board the USS Sentinel
- Executive Officer's Yeoman on board the USS Discovery
- Executive Officer's Yeoman on board the USS Merlin
- Given the provisional rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class

Age 16
- Executive Officer's Yeoman on board the USS Merlin

Age 17
- Tested by Starfleet and granted official Non-Commissioned rank
- Promoted to Rank of Petty Officer 2nd class
- Executive Officer's Yeoman on board Starbase 80

Age 18
- Promoted to Rank of Petty Officer 1st Class
- Executive Officer's Yeoman on board Starbase 80
- Academy Cadet on board Starbase 80

Age 19
- Executive Officer's Yeoman on board Starbase 80
- Academy Cadet on board Starbase 80

Age 20
- Graduated Starfleet Academy at the top of her class
- Promoted to Ensign
- Chief Diplomatic Officer's Personal Assistant on Starbase 80

Command experience
Hand to hand combat
Small arms combat
Good grasp of medical practices, and concepts
Knows EVERYTHING there is to know about a Danube class runabout
Good grasp of piloting skills, and concepts.

Notes: (Commanding Officer's eyes only)
Starfleet intelligence has cleared this individual for missions involving infiltration, and undercover work.