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Lieutenant Sylak Sharper

Name Sylak Sharper

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


Permission Level Department Head

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 232 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Sylak is a tall, distinguished looking man. His dark hair is naturally straight, which he keeps cut short in more of a military style. His height and build give him an imposing stature, so much so that he would make a natural security officer. His skin naturally holds a tan giving him an attractive complexion. His only facial blemish is a scar that extends from just above his left eyebrow, down over his left eye socket, over his left cheek and ends at his jaw line. His left eye is cybernetic, replaced after his childhood injury that left said scar. His ears and eyebrows are both Vulcan in appearance.


Father Capt. Charlie Sharper (Ret.)
Mother Capt. T'Lyn (Ret.)
Brother(s) Raymond Martin (Adopted)
Sister(s) Angela Martin (Adopted)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sylak, despite his stature and build, is a patient and gentle man. Being a child of two races, he is doomed be both but not quite either at the same time. He holds both vulcan tendencies and mannerisms, and for the most part, has embraced his Vulcan heritage more than his Human. He is also quite antisocial but this is due to a number of factors. Firstly, he just feels slightly uncomfortable around people he doesn't know, and secondly, because he refuses to acknowledge his feelings of awkwardness. To those few that do know him well, he is a loyal friend and companion.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sylak is a hard worker and strives hard to excel at everything he attempts, often to the point of perfectionism. He is a controlled man, thanks to his Vulcan heritage, and works hard to control his emotions, even when it is unhealthy to do so. Despite his controlled emotional state, he has found it difficult to completely harness them and as such, he has been known to be a guest of the local Councilor from time to time. It has been troublesome opening up to new people and making friends, and has led him to be slightly aloof. During his second posting, his commanding officer attempted to get Sylak to open up and make friends, something that he has actively tried to do since. He is often calm under pressure, showing a distinctly Vulcan approach to problems and dealing with situations, but has also lead him to have a cold and seemingly uncaring demeanor, despite his best attempts to seem otherwise.
Ambitions Sylak, like most starfleet officers, aspires to have a fruitful career in Star Fleet. His focus on his career has led this to be an achievable goal, but has also caused his social skills to be somewhat lacking. He does wish to make more friends and hopefully become a more social person.
Hobbies & Interests Sylak enjoys playing different musical instruments, mainly piano and violin. He has spent years studying these instruments and has grown adequately proficient, but it could never be more then a hobby for him. He is also a fan of operatic and symphonic music.

Personal History Sylak was born in the year 2358 on board the USS Old English, a Cheyenne class science ship dispatched to the Alpha Quadrant to seek out new life and civilizations while monitoring and documenting previously unobserved spacial phenomenon. Sylak's father, Charlie Sharper, was the Old English's first officer while his mother, T'Lyn, was the ship's Captain. They met when the ship first set out and during it's first five year mission. Despite being polar opposites, over time the two fell in love, married, and had a single child, Sylak.

Sylak was his father's pride and joy, dotting the young boy around the ship, almost showing him off to the rest of the crew. Sylak's parents were active parents, always making time for their son and letting him know he was loved (though his mother's confessions of love seemed a little dryer then his father's) but he never felt out of place among the crew. All two-hundred crew members were much like father's and mothers to him, but none were more involved then his own parents and the Martins. John Martin was the Chief Engineer on the Old English, which was Commander Sharper's old position, while his wife Lenora was the helms-woman. John and Charlie had been inseparable friends ever since going through Starfleet together, and when T'Lyn was given command of the Old English, she asked Charlie who he would recommend to be on the crew, he chose John and Lenora.

The Martins already had a child when Sylak was born, Angela, who was four, and Lenora was already pregnant with their second child. Shortly after Sylak's birth, Raymond Martian was born. Raymond and Sylak spent nearly every second together and quickly became friends, much like their fathers. The two went almost everywhere together, the crew never saw one without the other. In his schooling Sylak was a quick study in most subjects, from literature to mathematics. Raymond on the other hand seemed more out of place in the academic setting as he was more of a hands on learner, though it wouldn't be recognized right away and he fell behind. Something Raymond was already an adept in was causing trouble. Pranks and jokes were constant source of fun for Raymond, something Sylak found himself pulled into on many occasions. The pranks were often innocent and lighthearted, like when the pair reprogrammed the computer to respond klingon. The two would result in a swift reprimand for the incident, but when young Raymond stole a shuttle and took himself and Sylak on a joy ride, they quickly found themselves in trouble when an ion storm left the ship stranded. The pair surely would have died if not for the intervention of the Old English. The two spent two weeks in the brig and then another two under house arrest before being allowed to return to their studies and duties on the ship. The positive effect, however, was that the event made a major change to Raymond and he began to see the heartache it caused his parents. Afterword, Raymond started to take his studies seriously and was reflected in his scores, catching back up in a short time. Sylak and both of the Martin children took an interest in the ship operations and the tasks of the Old English, spending countless hours learning about the ship and helping the crew do their appointed duties.

When Sylak only twelve, the Old English was one year into it's third tour of the Alpha Quadrant. This tour would be cut short when they encountered a quantum filament which caused the ship severe damage. The ships antimatter containment field destabilized and caused a massive core breach. During the initial impact of the quantum filament, Lenora's helm console exploded and killed her, and her husband John died in engineering, but not before containing the antimatter leak. The couple was among the fifty-five deaths and sixty-two injuries. It was during this catastrophe that Sylak was hit by a piece of exploding hull and injury would result in the scar on the left side of his face and would cost him his left eye. If not for the bravery of John Martin, the casualties of the accident would have been even more.

The Old English's distress call was answered by a nearby freighter and a Galaxy class federation ship which rescued the rest of the crew. After the tragedy, Commander Sharper and his wife adopted Angela and Raymond Martin and moved back to Earth. The Sharpers began teaching at the Academy as they raised the three children, except for a yearly trip to Vulcan that Sylak and T'Lyn made, who wanted her son to learn about his Vulcan heritage. Both Raymond and Sylak continued to learn about the Federation and space travel, but Angela, who had begun to grow distant from her new family, showing little interest in the things that she did before. She would eventually be diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, but through years of counselling, she would grow to accept what had happened and would learn to cope with the disorder. When she turned eighteen she enrolled in Starfleet academy, getting in on her first attempt. She would go on to graduate top of her class with highest honors in spatial phenomena and would be assigned to the USS Osprey where she would be a science officer.

Sylak and Raymond both expressed a desire to go to Starfleet Academy as well. When they were both fifteen, the spent their combined life savings on a small broken down shuttle and rebuilt it with the help of Sylak's father. During it's first warp test the pair nearly died when the warp drive gave out and life support systems failed, but Sylak repaired the systems and the pair made it safely back to Earth.

When the boys turned seventeen, they both applied for Starfleet Academy and were overjoyed when they were accepted to Starfleet. Raymond majored in flight/conn and was a natural. His natural ability would not lead to success in other studies however, and he would be forced to spend much of his time trying to stay up with his classmates. Sylak on the other hand double majored in engineering and science. Sylak did well in most of his studies, but took a particular shine to theoretical and applied physics. While in the academy, the pair would be together whenever their studies allowed. Raymond, though more serious, was still rather lighthearted and fun loving and would always attempt to get Sylak to open up more and have more fun. On several occasions he would convince Sylak to skip studying to go out to bars or clubs to meet girls. Sylak would get little out of these encounters with the opposite sex, he would often be stiff and dry, seeing little use for these distractions from his schooling but Raymond never gave up on it through the four years of the Academy.

When they graduated the pair was separated for the first time, Raymond being sent to the USS Orion as a conn officer, while Sylak was sent to Starbase 74 to work as an engineer. It was also during this time that Sylak's father retired from Starfleet due to his health and moved with T'Lyn to Vulcan where she began teaching at the Vulcan Science Academy.

After four years on Star Base 74, he was transferred to the USS Toccoa. The commanding officer on the Toccoa was a friendly captain by the name William Hofstin. Hofstin had served on the Old English during it's second tour. He respected Sylak's mother and father and had requested to have Sylak on his crew after seeing his exemplary record on Starbase 74. Hofstin took notice of Sylak's strong work ethic and intelligence and had him promoted him to assistant chief engineer. The Captain was however baffled by Sylak's aloofness, barely knowing anyone that he didn't work with directly and even they knew very little about Sylak outside of the working environment. Hofstin took it upon himself to get Sylak to open up and interact with his fellow shipmates to which the captain was only marginally successful. However, Sylak did make an effort to make a few friends, accomplishing this with his fellow engineers.
Service Record 2375 - Admitted to Starfleet Academy
2379 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with a degree in both Applied Engineering and Theoretical Engineering - Assigned to Starbase 74 as an Engineering Officer
2382 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2383 - Reassigned to the USS Toccoa as a Engineering Officer
2385 - Promoted to full Lieutenant
2387 - Transferred to the Starbase 80 and promoted to Chief of Engineering