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Commander Jey Cleh

Name Jey Cleh

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


Permission Level Command Team

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description (Character will be written as Lizzy, and addressed as Jey! Please read entire bio to fully understand the character!)

Jey, just like her twin sister Lizzy, has long dark hair, and light blue eyes. Despite her age of 36, she doesn't look a day over 21. Her youthful appearance has been known to cause others to underestimate her on countless occasions.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Franklin Cleh (Deceased)
Mother Melissa Cleh (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lizzy Cleh (Status unknown)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jey Cleh generally has a bright, and cheerful attitude, and has always been known to look for the silver lining in all situations. She always treats others with respect, and won't hesitate to go the distance to protect her patients, or others who are helpless.

Lizzy Cleh has a somewhat dark, and defiant personality. She tolerates others as needed, but generally makes it a point to avoid creating friendships, or other close ties, so as to avoid being hurt, or blamed for hurting them. When their parents died, it affected her in the worst way, and she still blames herself. Due to this shameful guilt she feels, Lizzy always does her best to protect others, even if it means putting her own life on the line, and taking unnecessary risks.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jey Cleh:
She is a highly skilled physician.
She is highly skilled in the field of Medical systems design, construction, and repair.
Generally underestimated due to her youthful appearance.
Upbeat personality.

She tends to be naive
she is a day dreamer
Tends to shy away from close quarters/hand-to-hand combat
Does not have much fighting skill
Sometimes loses herself in her work

Lizzy Cleh:
She is a highly skilled physician
Excellent in hand-to-hand, and weapons combat of varying styles
Generally underestimated due to her youthful appearance
willingly puts her own life on the line to protect others
Wears a hidden device in her earrings, preventing Telepathic intrusions into her mind.

Has a dark, and defiant personality
Doesn't trust her own medical skills
Shies away from medical situations, whenever possible
Suffers from vivid nightmares of the death of her parents
Careless at times
Takes unnecessary risks
Has no idea how to handle Medical Systems design, construction, or repair.
Ambitions Jey Cleh:
Jey's biggest ambition is to one day create the most useful piece of medical technology in the Federation. She just hasn't a clue what it will be yet.

Lizzy Cleh:

Lizzy's biggest ambition is to eventually find the ones who bombed the complex where her parents were murdered, and get revenge.
Hobbies & Interests Jey Cleh:
Practicing Medicine
Medical Technology
Taking a daily jog in the holosuite

Lizzy Cleh:
Collecting various projectile weapons from varying periods in Earth's history
Collecting various knives, and swords.
Taking a daily jog around her property
Martial Arts sparring

Personal History Common

Franklin Cleh, and Melissa Arniel were married at a small ceremony on Earth. One year after their marriage, the two moved to a small colony, where they both took up jobs working as scientists.

The two lived happily, and tried for 3 years to have kids, until one day it was discovered that Melissa was pregnant with twins!

9 months later, Melissa Cleh gave birth to two very healthy twin girls. The couple named them Jey, and Lizzy.

The early life of these two sisters wasn't much different than normal twins. They spent most of their time together, all the way through college.

Their marks through school were somewhat above average, and while Lizzy took a liking to collecting blades, Jey took to learning medical technology like a fish in water.

In college, both of them took the same medical courses. While Jey scored a bit higher in her grades than Lizzy did, both of them still ended up in the top 100 of their class.

Jey Cleh

Soon after graduation from College, at age of 22, Jey left the colony, and enlisted in Starfleet. She spent 4 years specializing in medicine, and medical technology.

The woman never had a bad mark through her entire time at the Academy, and managed to keep her grades high. Ultimately, she graduated in the top of the medical field, and scored in the top 100 of the medical technology field.

During her 4 year tenure at the Academy, Jey met a young man named John Deban, and they quickly became great friends. They spent many nights just hanging out, and talking about their plans for the future. She always loved to hear the stories he'd have about his plans to travel all over the alpha quadrant, and hoped one day he'd manage to follow his dream.

Two days after reporting to her brand new assignment on the USS Pisces, Jey learned that the colony where she grew up had been bombed, and her parents killed. She was surprised to learn that her sister was somehow involved.

Jey was granted two weeks of hardship leave to handle her family affairs. She went back home to help with the funeral arrangements, and to help clean up as much as she could.

What she learned in that time worried her greatly. Her sister had been the attending physician at the colony's medical center at the time of the bombing. Being the person to work on her own parents, she'd taken it very hard, blaming herself for their deaths.

It worried her greatly to see Lizzy going into a downward spiral of depression, and she urged her to get help. Instead of taking Jey's advice, Lizzy left the colony the day after their parents were buried.

In the 2 years that followed, Jey had served on only a couple of starships, working as a doctor. At the age of 28, she quickly learned that she preferred technology over medicine, and applied for a transfer to any nearby station.

She was immediately transferred to starbase 378, where she helped in the construction of many pieces of medical technology that the station had needed. She spent the next 2 years working there, before she was transferred to starbase 416.

Roughly every two years, she was transferred to another base that needed her skills, some more than others, and every chance she got, she'd go visit her sister. She always wondered why Lizzy refused to let anyone, except her know where she was living.

At age 36, Jey heard rumors that an old broken down starbase out in the frontier was being brought back into use. Not even two days later, she was approached, and told that she was being reassigned to that same base, as her skills were sorely needed there.

She asked for a bit of shoreleave, to visit her sister, and it was granted. Unfortunately for her, she had been followed to her sister's estate, and was taken into custody by Orions.

While being held at weapon point, Jey watched as Lizzy was given the choice of either watching her sister die, or posing as Jey Cleh, taking her assignment, and using her position to feed them information.

Even with Jey telling her not to do it, Lizzy accepted their ultimatum, and Jey was transported away, along with her Orion Captors.

Lizzy Cleh

Soon after graduating college, at the age of 22, Lizzy decided to take up a job at the colony's medical center. She hated that her sister was leaving, but in the end, there was no stopping Jey from following her desires to join Starfleet.

Lizzy spent the next 4 years living with her parents, and woking in the medical center. She enjoyed the peaceful life of the colony, and the occasional letter's from Jey.

During her free time, Lizzy took it upon herself to learn various styles of martial arts, glad that she'd finally found something other than medicine to excel at.

She was happy when she found out her sister had graduated the academy, and was headed for her new assignment... but then everything changed...

On one of the days that Lizzy was the attending physician at the medical center, the science, and weapons districts of the colony had both been bombed.

The chaos in the medical center was overwhelming, as wounded, and dead were brought in. Triage had been set up, with multiple doctors having been called in.

About 45 minutes after the chaos began, Lizzy saw EMTs wheeling her parents into the triage area. Both of them were in critical condition, and Lizzy was the one who took on the job of the emergency triage for both of them.

During that time, they both went critical, and Lizzy did everything she could to keep them alive, but in the end, it simply wasn't enough. Their wounds had been too severe, and Lizzy was forced to pronounce them both dead. That was the beginning of her downward spiral...

When Jey arrived a couple days later, Lizzy was found at home, completely drunk. She'd tried to falsely blame her for not being there when things went bad. In the end, she accepted her failure, and blamed herself for the death of their parents.

They both dealt with clean up, and the burial of their parents. Once the funeral was over, Lizzy took a full day to pack everything she wanted, or needed into their parents personal transport. Despite the pleas from Jey not to do anything rash, Lizzy promptly left the colony the day after their parents were buried.

Lizzy spent the rest of her time on an isolated, sparsely populated moon, keeping her location secret from everyone, except her sister. With her failure to keep her parents alive, Lizzy figured that if she stayed isolated, she wouldn't have to deal with such failures anymore. On rare occasions, when Lizzy was in town, incidents had happened where she was forced to put her medical knowledge to use, in order to save those who had been severely injured.

More than once, the town's people had tried to convince her to work as their Doctor, but she had refused, feeling that she was no longer worthy of being called a doctor.

Sometime after her 36th birthday, Lizzy had heard word from Jey that she was being transferred to some obscure base in the far reaches of Federation territory. As always, Jey had insisted on a visit, and as always, Lizzy had agreed. However, things rarely turn out as expected...

On the day that Jey arrived, the two women were attacked, and Jey was taken into custody by Orions. In order to get what they wanted, the Orions gave Lizzy the ultimatum of either watching her sister die painfully, or taking her place on Jey's assignment to secretly feed information to her sister's captors. Even with Jey telling her not to do it, Lizzy accepted their ultimatum, and Jey was transported away, along with the Orions.

Only a couple days later, Lizzy made her way to Starbase 80, and even after reading up on her sister as much as she could in the time it took to get there, she kept finding herself wondering just how in the universe she was going to pull this off.
Service Record Jey Cleh

Age 18 - Colonial Theta University - Medical Degree
Age 22 - Applied for, and accepted into Starfleet Academy (Cadet)
Age 26 - Graduated from Academy, specializing in Medicine, and Medical Systems (Ensign)
Age 26 - Granted 2 weeks of Hardship Leave (Family Related)
Age 26 - USS Pisces as a Medic (Ensign)
Age 27 - USS Torranda - Chief Medical Officer (Lieutenant)
Age 28 - Starbase 378 - Medical Systems Engineer (Lieutenant)
Age 30 - Starbase 416 - Medical Systems Engineer (Lieutenant)
Age 32 - Starbase 730 - Medical Systems Engineer (Lieutenant Commander)
Age 34 - Starbase 684 - Medical Systems Designer (Commander)
Age 36 - Starbase 80 - Medical Systems Specialist (Captain)

Lizzy Cleh (Civilian)

Age 18 - Colonial Theta University - Medical Degree
Age 22 - Colonial Theta Medical Center - Doctor on call
Age 24 - Colonial Theta Medical Center - Primary Physician
Age 26 - Tendered resignation from Colonial Theta Medical Center
No further information is available.