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A bit about the Ka'Bu

Posted on Sun Mar 15th, 2015 @ 5:45am by Captain Kathleen O'Shea
Edited on Mon Mar 16th, 2015 @ 3:12am

Kathleen and Rosaleen are very powerful beings. As such I am VERY careful in how I play them, do not allow for them to become SHS-ish, and try to always find weaknesses. I've always found it a bit absurd that with all of the more powerful and gifted races in the Trek universe that exist that fleets do not allow for them to be played. But at the same time...I completely understand why. This race was created in Obsidian Fleet by me 2 years ago, and passed their stringent tests for approval, although they don't really allow for it to be played in general by folks for obvious reasons. Now for the good stuff. Some of her traits.

General: The most identifiable trait of the Ka'Bu is they all have red hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin (almost porcelain-like and flawless) Ka'Bu live a very long life...many centuries in fact, but they do age gradually. They are very loving, and extremely sensual in nature. Fun and flirty. Playful in nature. Extremely Intelligent. Their moods are accompanied by temperature changes as well. Additionally their eyes change appearance (color clarity and vibrancy) with mood and energy manipulation (gifts). Additionally, they are very gifted in the arts of music and dance. Ka'Bu will usually find any excuse to be unclothed as well, as they prefer to be as close to nature as possible, and clothing restricts energy flow. So as you can guess, modesty is not really a concern for them. They will flirt...they will make casual passes and come on to people...and they will follow through if the object of their attention reciprocates. And gender does not play into this at all.

Gifts: Ka'Bu can freeze and manipulate time like the Ba'Ku, but with more precision. They can also phase to different time flows briefly. The Ka'Bu have psi ability, but no telekinesis. They can link with another person to look at memories, and the effect is like actually being there as the person they are linked with. The trade-off of this is the person linked with them has the same experience with their Ka'Bu's hosts memory for the same time period. No secrets. Their senses are somewhat hyper-aware (sight, hearing, and smell), and their skin is very sensitive. The most commonly seen gift is the ability to control their temperature and allow it to affect those around them. It is actually a part of the Ka'Bu's ability to manipulate their surroundings and natural elements as a whole. They are one with nature. To this end they are very sensitive to the natural energy field that comes from every living thing that exists, and are able to collect that energy and channel it. The can even lightly 'charge' their skin surfaces with this energy, but it is nowhere near a level of intensity for offensive or defensive use.

They cannot walk on water (nor breathe under it), fly through the air, take out a squad of soldiers single-handedly, bend people to their Q style stuff. A Ka'Bu can make a breeze, but not a storm; make it rain or snow, but pretty much just covering a few meters surrounding them. All bodily functions are completely normal comparable to humans...they have to eat, go to the bathroom, etc. Organs are pretty much in the same place, size, etc as humans. And the Ka'bu are definitely vulnerable to injury. They do have a protective ability if injured to slow themselves down...kinda like self induced stasis. This is only a temporary fix, and if they do not receive proper medical attention they will die from injuries. The Ka'Bu's body does heal itself over time, but this is more of the effect of making scars disappear, etc. After a time, scans will not reveal any prior injuries...just a completely healthy person.


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