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Station Status Upon Arrival

Posted on Sat Mar 1st, 2014 @ 4:45am by Captain Kathleen O'Shea

OK, so we are all on the same page...the station will look quite normal for the most part on the outside, other than being powered down. Once inside, it is a different story. Some fairly good action occurred inside the station when the Federation Forces re-took it. Everything will work, but it's gonna take some work. First priority is to bring the cores back online, then life support and basic essentials. From there we will go as you guys wish. Remember though, we have a penal colony to start ASAP (per Starfleet Command), so we won't be able to completely re-decorate. Vilgi will be leading the teams to build the Cerberus Bays as well....very important to our operations.



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Category: General News