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Just some useless trivia lol

Posted on Thu Oct 2nd, 2014 @ 1:39am by Captain Kathleen O'Shea

A little historic trivia here....

USS Archimedes on January 29, 2007, 08:46:33 pm...the birth of Kathleen O'Shea. She was an NPC I invented specifically for a mission need. She has obviously changed a bit since then, but I loved the character so much I decided to play her as a second character, then she eventually became my primary character.

The birth of Kathleen O'Shea

Mr Rybeena, there has been a change of plans. I will now be leading the away team," said Nathan as he headed toward the turbolift. "You have the bridge."

Son of a....

"Yes Sir!" Replied Telair as he headed toward...

The Chair. How could a single piece of furniture be so inviting and so uncomfortable at the same time. Telair had sit in the chair several times in the past, although most of them had been during test flights. He had only commanded a ship once in combat, and...well, he vowed that the outcome would be much different if it ever happened again.

He activated his comm badge: "Rybeena to Ops. Lieutenant O'Shea, report to the bridge at once."

"Yes sir, on my way." Came the immediate reply.

"I want to keep a continuous lock on the away team at all times. I also want a complete scan of that ship...anything that he is trying to hide, I want to know. I also want full surface scans from the moment we are in range until we leave orbit. Lieutenant Phillips, keep us in optimal transporter range of the landing party at all times."

"Yes sir" Came the prompt responses from the crew. The turbolift doors opened, and Lieutenant O'Shea exited and went to the Ops station. Red hair, green eyes, and long legs...she was a pure Irish beauty, and she also had the temper to Telair had found out on a couple of occasions in the past. She had worked for him at the yards, before being given a shipboard assignment 4 years ago. Somehow he managed to get himself put on the same ship with her. Hopefully she had forgotten....

"Well Mr Rybeena, you mean they actually trust you not to break this one?"

All of the heads on the bridge turned toward him with that statement. Well, at least that question was answered.

"Nothing to run into out here, Lieutenant."

With that, a slight grin started to come across her face as she turned her attention to the Ops panel. "I show all green across the board Lieutenant. She is as ready for action as she can be."

"Very good. Engineering, I want all defensive and weapons systems checked again. Lets not get caught with our pants down."

He heard a sudden chuckle from behind him at Ops, but when he turned around, O'Shea had already turned her back to him.

LOL A smart-ass from the start. :-)



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