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Possible new support option

Posted on Sun Aug 20th, 2023 @ 1:57pm by Commander Jey Cleh


To make support a little easier overall, I'm debating on adding a service status page. This page would allow users to see at a glance, what services may be down, and it should allow users to leave comments, and subscribe to service updates, among other things.

Such a page would be hosted outside of the domain (so if the entire server goes down, the status page is still up). I'm still researching a bit, so more details are not yet available.

If this sounds like a support option you'd like to see, please react with a thumbs up on this message (discord only).

Comments and other feedback are welcome as well. If you want to leave other feedback, or you do not use Discord, you can use any of my currently available support options.

Please do not use RPG PMs, as I may miss those, and am planning on migrating away from those as a support option.



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Category: General News

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