Dark Frontier

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"The Frontier"

In the months following the destruction of Romulus the Federation found itself under attack by members of the Kzin Consortium. Although technically winners of this 'mini war', outer areas of the Federation continue to be plagued with small incursions and pirate activity. The area known as the Frontier, never known as the most lawful region of space to begin with, has become even more dangerous than ever. Pirate groups once thought to be all but eradicated once again work their territory with a ferociousness never seen before. Black market camps operate in open defiance of the law. Weapons, drugs, slaves...nothing is off limits.

And why should it be? For them the way is wide open. So many ships were destroyed during the war that the majority of them operate in the inner core of the Federation. The fringes are mainly on their own. In an effort to try to bring some semblance of order back to these areas, Starfleet had dispatched a few select Capital ships to operate in these areas...Alone. For there were not enough ships or crew to return a full scale presence to these areas. So they did what they could, and not always completely within the rules. For out there, it truly is survival of the fittest. When this failed, they essentially left the region to what few permanent forces were left there, which is comprised of Starbase 80, the stations garrison ships and craft, and a scattering of untouched resupply bases and stations scattered around the Frontier. So far the resupply network was hands off for the pirates and black market dealers, but for how long...who knows.

We invite you to come and join us as we work to once again bring peace and order to the Frontier. Many adversities await us, but we will respond to them as one crew...one voice. Above all, we will represent both our station and ourselves in the Starfleet tradition of excellence.

The Federation Response Force (FRF) is a high readiness and technologically advanced force comprising of engineering, ground, air, water, space, and special forces units capable of being deployed quickly on operations wherever needed. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers plays a major roll in these operations, taking on tasks ranging from repairing critical infrastructure destroyed or disrupted by both man-made and natural incidents, to major starship repairs at the Docks.

The original FRF tasks as denoted by their Charter:

- The FRF is certified by the Federation Council and Starfleet to perform a wide variety of tasks including: providing an immediate response capability for conducting collective defense of Alliance members in the event of an Article V operation;
- crisis management operations;
- acting as the initial force deployment as a precursor to deployment of a much larger force;
- peace support operations;
- disaster relief;
- protection and re-construction of critical infrastructure.

FRF structure
The FRF is comprised of five parts:
- Command and Control element based on a deployable Joint Force Headquarters;
- Corps of Engineers element;
- Logistics Mobility Command element;
- Immediate Response Force (up to 25,000 land, air and space-borne forces provided by Starfleet);
- Response forces Pool (additional troops when necessary).

Starbase 80 is also home to the Marine's 7th Rapid Reaction Corps.

Commodore Kathleen O'Shea
Commanding Officer
Starbase 80-New Frontier Station

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Latest News Items

» Welcome back!

Posted on Wed Sep 7th, 2022 @ 10:56pm by Commander Jey Cleh in Sim Announcement

First, and foremost, I'd like to welcome back our returning players, and welcome our new ones! Welcome to Starbase 80!

After a fairly long hiatus, this game is going active again, and we need all hands on deck. Here's some information you need to know...

1. We are starting 6 years into the future from where we were (from 2393 to 2399). Returning players should update their BIOs accordingly.
2. Our area of operations has also changed. We are now located in the badlands, and should post as if we've always been there.
3. Our first main mission will be a bit of a doozy, and things may not always be as they appear. :-D
4. If you have any technical problems with the SB80 website, I'm the webmaster, and I'll do what I can to help you.
5. If you're on our Discord, you can also use Luna (Discord bot) to get automated support, by typing "!support" (no quotes) in the server's support channel. (Automated support is still in beta. If Luna can't help, she will ping me directly)

Thanks for playing!
Captain Jey Cleh - XO SB80

» Busy Couple of weeks

Posted on Sun Nov 15th, 2020 @ 1:20am by Captain Kathleen O'Shea in General News

Sorry guys the last couple of weeks were crazy with kids school projects and such. Will be working on JPs tomorrow.


» New Mission Posts

Posted on Mon Sep 14th, 2020 @ 1:42pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea in General News

Posts for the new mission will be coming out today. Numerous JPs so keep an eye open. Or two. :-)


» We are live!

Posted on Tue Sep 1st, 2020 @ 12:49pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea in General News

OK folks, we are live! Mission details roll out later today, but You guys can feel free to start tagging into the intro post, which essentially establishes everyone on station.

Time to get old school creative like we do best!


» Milestone!

Posted on Mon Aug 31st, 2020 @ 12:59pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea in General News

Shoutout to Commander Andrew Matheson: Joined 5 Years, 11 Months, 1 Day, 19 Hours, 9 Minutes ago! It's great having you still here for the reboot!


Latest Mission Posts

» Reporting for Duty

Mission: The End of an Era
Posted on Sun Jan 15th, 2023 @ 8:48pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea & Chief Petty Officer William Pitsenbarger

Chief Petty Officer William Pitsenbarger stepped down off the gangplank into Starbase 80. He had spent a long seventy-two on a Federation supply ship from Helaspont Station to Starbase 80, his new assignment from the USS Beowulf. He had been the Chief Medic (Enlisted) and the Independent Medical Corpsman (IDMC)…

» Midnight Ride

Mission: The End of an Era
Posted on Sun Dec 25th, 2022 @ 5:28am by Captain Kathleen O'Shea

“...wake up, dear. It's time."

He opened his eyes, slightly disoriented for a moment, but rapidly regained full consciousness. Jumping out of bed, he located all of his uniform and quickly dressed. "I need to get a new alarm clock...maybe next year." It was getting a bit harder to wake…

» Ripples On The Water

Mission: The Black Rose of Winter's Embrace
Posted on Wed Mar 10th, 2021 @ 1:25am by Captain Kathleen O'Shea & Commander Andrew Matheson

As ordered, Andrew reported to Kathleen's office suite for the previously discussed tasking from the operations meeting earlier that day. He saluted Kathleen after entering the office suite. "Reporting as ordered, Captain. Am I lucky enough to have had you take me up on my proposal to open an embassy…

» The Shrink

Mission: The Black Rose of Winter's Embrace
Posted on Thu Nov 26th, 2020 @ 3:13am by Lieutenant George Bailey

Lieutenant Bailey Sat in his office reading the service record of every member of the crew for he had to know the phycological and mental well being of all the crew he came across some really interesting characters he been in the mental health and psychiatry and psychology field many…

» Monotany's Break

Mission: The Black Rose of Winter's Embrace
Posted on Tue Oct 27th, 2020 @ 4:35pm by Captain Kathleen O'Shea & Commander Jey Cleh & Commander Eliana Masters & Commander Andrew Matheson & Lieutenant Commander Keith Anderson & Lieutenant Vilgi Morr & Lieutenant Ithi Deritan & Lieutenant Albino "Viper" Jackson & Master Chief Petty Officer Allison Wilshire

Turning off the longish corridor on the conference area, into the room that had been designated for this particular meeting. He was early, that much he knew, this was not out of habit, need, or thing like that, mearly his tasks were finished and he saw no reason to delay…

Latest Personal Logs

» Time Keeps On Slipping...

Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 6:32pm by Commander Andrew Matheson

Finally, a log entry that isn't the same old drivel I've been regurgitating for the last two years just to get it out of my system.

The starbase seems to be finally coming back to doing more than one thing at a time... and it seems like a lot of…

» Arrival

Posted on Wed Sep 9th, 2020 @ 2:58pm by Lieutenant Ithi Deritan

Computer begin recording

So I have arrived on starbase 80, the place is huge. I arrived a few days ago and got settled into my quarters, not as big as the ones on earth but hey starbases like ships have limited space for everyone they have to fit onboard.


» En Route

Posted on Tue Jun 21st, 2016 @ 1:31pm by Major Grayson Drake

Three years. It sounds longer than it is. Thirty seven months. That makes it sound longer. One thousand, one hundred and twenty four days… OK, maybe it was quite a long time. It’s irrelevant… it wasn’t long enough.

Despite the amount of time I’ve been out of the service, nothing…

» Balance

Posted on Mon Mar 30th, 2015 @ 6:14am by Commander Andrew Matheson

[Timing note: About 15 minutes after Ultimatum: Part 2]

It's a generally accepted principle in astrophysics that the universe, and the multiverse in general, is tending towards a state of zero energy differential. Stretch out the time axis long enough, and the multiverse will either collapse back to the null…

» PL: Masters 002

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2015 @ 11:57pm by Commander Eliana Masters

The order has gone out. Adria, Rosaleen, and I are leaving the planet before dawn and heading to the Briar Patch. I don't know what Ros' is planning, but it has to be the first meeting of Ba'Ku and Ka'Bu in ages. I know I'm just the pilot, but she's…